6 Principles That Will Transform Your Professional Approach

While you can easily blame your job or manager for your stressful days, the answer to your success and satisfaction may actually lie in your professional approach. Incorporate these 6 principles and redefine your business mindset today.

Don't should all over yourself

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Take action instead. While you SHOULD reflect and carefully assess most situations, you SHOULD not always tell everyone what you SHOULD be doing. Do the statements "I SHOULD go to the gym" or "I SHOULD eat better” show commitment? If you know you SHOULD do it, then why don't you do it? Be mindful of the excuses you make for yourself. You may sink into your mental quicksand if you don't start moving forward.

Solve interesting problems

Personal Trainer Wisdom: No matter your age, nothing stimulates the mind more than solving an interesting problem. It forces you to examine what you've learned and assess what you didn't. These lessons not only give you the blueprint to approach the same future problem but they will also help you develop the generalizable problem-solving skills to handle unrelated situations. Essentially, it develops your adaptability and knowledge beyond what you already know and reinforces what you’ve learned.

Know when to persist, know when to abandon

Personal Trainer Wisdom: While I value the ambition to complete a task to completion, I don’t think it should be at any cost. Far too often we carry on due to our ego...our unwillingness to give up. What if abandoning a project could save you time, effort, and money? While you may have already invested in the effort, it may not be worth the additional loss (especially if it could be better spent elsewhere). On the other hand, there are times when you should persist. No path is perfect, and you will face obstacles. Some challenges require an accessible solution rather than a termination. Fairly evaluate the situation and weigh all over your options. Don't forget to ask for educated opinions to expand your perspective.

Become less competitive to become more successful

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Although competitiveness may drive you to great heights, it may also blind you from pursuing the most appropriate path. Not only can it consume your well-being, but it can also distract you from other important parts of your life worth spending time on. While mastery or being the best can be important, always be mindful of all your needs at a given moment and fairly value what's truly most significant (no matter what anyone else is doing).

Be aware of your gut feeling

Personal Trainer Wisdom: At times, your gut may bark at you when it senses danger or a compromising position. At the same time, it may be signaling something different. Have you ever thought that you might actually be on to something when you're a little afraid...especially in business? It might be an exciting unknown that you don't know how to handle but should be willing to learn about. On the other hand, it could be your good sense to switch directions even though you're emotionally invested. Even if you don't know the root of this feeling right away, it's worth examining.

Practice your values instead of just professing them

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Modern translation: Lead by example instead of just expressing endless opinions on social media or to your colleagues. Practice what you preach.

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6 Principles That Will Transform Your Professional Approach
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