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The answer to changing your life is right here!  Chicago personal trainer and author Michael Moody (also known for being the fitness expert on the Biggest Loser/MSN Chicago tour and the personal fitness trainer for The Whitney Reynolds Show on PBS) has personally helped clients collectively lose over 2,500 lbs since 2005!  

Currently, he is the trainer for Emmy Award winning producer Dana Michelle Cook, executive producer of Chicago Ideas Week Carrie Kennedy, and director John Lerchen.

Michael's personal training programs have set the personal trainer standard in Chicago for one-on-one personal training sessions with his unique integration of personal fitness, nutritional guidance, and stress management.  

As a certified fitness nutrition specialist, Michael truly tailors the comprehensive experience for weight loss results....guaranteed.  Like Dr. Fuhrman, Michael's approach leans on natural choices without weight loss supplements (unlike most personal trainers).  The structure is adaptable, realistic, and integrative.  And...yes....clients can still drink a glass of wine in their diet while trying to lose weight.

While Michael has presented his program "Trick Your Mind into Weight Loss" at many events, he has presented over 100 hours on personal fitness, motivation, body image, and stress at Illinois State University, corporations, schools, and workshops.  Recently, he presented a inspirational workshop in Guatemala on how to break down your barriers of fear and produced a segment for PBS's The Whitney Reynolds Show. 

Read Michael's inspirational book Redefine Yourself later in 2014 and check out the "Redefine Yourself" trailer produced by soon. 


Personal Trainer in Chicago

Personal Trainer in Chicago

Personal Training Reviews

Personal Training Reviews

Personal Trainer in Chicago

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Personal Training Reviews

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Never hired a personal trainer before?  The personal training experience can vary greatly among personal trainers (for better or worse).  Michael has personal trained professionals, brides, seniors, at-home parents, athletes, and more.  He prides himself on an adaptive personal training approach that is efficient and results focused.  Michael's clients value personal trainers who don't push supplements or focus on reckless fitness movements they find in magazines.  Finally, he not only focuses on injury rehabilitation and prevention but provides nutritional and behavioral guidelines for personal change as well.

Treat yourself to results and invest in 1 month of personal training today and you'll see the difference.