Personal Fitness Training in West Loop

Personal Fitness Training in West Loop


Chicago Personal Fitness Training in West Loop


Personal training clients, ranging from professionals to brides, from the West Loop (60607 and 60661) have been running to Michael's personal training studio in Chicago for the last several years. He supports the growing culinary and music scene and looks forward to serving this community for years to come!

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Chicago Personal Trainer Weight Loss Tips for West Loop


You're probably inundated with endless information about weight loss while meeting with a personal trainer in Chicago. You will have the greatest weight loss success by limiting or replacing the following items with more nutrient dense foods:

-Dairy (Eat dark leafy greens for vitamin D and calcium)

-Grains (Eat beans for fiber)

-Processed Foods (Choose foods with limited or no preservatives in their most natural form)

-Red meat and other fatty meat options (Choose lean meats like turkey, chicken and fish instead)

-Refined sugars (Fruit sugars are a better choice but should still be limited)

-Alcohol (If you want antioxidants, eat berries or grapes instead of drinking red wine)  

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Reviews of Chicago Personal Trainer Michael Moody

Michael has exceeded all of my expectations as a personal trainer! Not only has he helped me to meet my goals with weight and losing inches, but he has such an amazing sense of humor and is a great conversationalist - I find that an hour with him flies by! I've been to several other personal trainers in Chicago, and none compare to Michael. He's simply the best, and I look forward to every week training with him!

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Date published: 08/10/2014
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