Personal Training in Gold Coast

Personal Training in Gold Coast


Chicago Personal Training in Gold Coast


Michael has been donating personal training sessions to Gold Coast charities and organizations since 2005. At one time, he provided in-home personal training for clients in the area within their famed buildings, including the Carlyle Condominiums (60610 and 60611). Michael now offers his Gold Coast clients full amenities, free parking, and more access to equipment in his private Chicago personal training studio. His list of Gold Coast clients include author Morris Philipson.

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Chicago Personal Trainer Weight Loss Tips for Gold Coast


Many of Michael's personal training clients are amazed that they never gain weight while indulging in rich foods in Europe. What's the secret? Walking. If you've ever been to Rome, Paris, or anywhere else overseas, you probably have spent most of your trip walking to and from tourist attractions. Movement is necessary for living healthy and achieving weight loss. Although Michael doesn't encourage eating rich foods frequently, you should stay on your feet as much as possible and meet with a personal trainer in Chicago to reach your goals. 

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Reviews of Chicago Personal Trainer Michael Moody

Training with Michael was an awesome experience. He took a comprehensive, holistic approach to helping me achieve my fitness goals, considering all of the factors in my life that contributed to my progress. He is a true professional in every way...always listening to the client to learn more, reading everything he can to increase his own knowledge, and developing his own systems based on his observations, personal experiences and successes with working with clients. He is a true researcher and innovator in his field, and I can't recommend him highly enough. In addition, he is really fun to be around and makes training as enjoyable as possible! Most importantly, he will get you RESULTS!!!

Personal Training in Chicago
Date published: 06/23/2014
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