"14 Ways to Lose a Pound a Day" Review

Are you ready to jump on the weight loss wagon before the start of summer? I've found a few ways that you probably haven't tried yet (from the weight loss list "14 Ways to Lose a Pound a Day").


I’m not here to tell you that you’ve got to give up your sweets, comfort foods or guilty pleasures...target added sugars—the sugars and syrups added to foods and drinks when they’re processed or prepared. You’ll learn how to spot them, eliminate them, and break free of them for life. The result will be almost instantaneous weight loss....test panelist Sandy Villegas, 62, of Monroe Township, NJ, tried diet plans like Weight Watchers, but says: “I was not eating healthy because I ate a lot of refined carbs every day. Pretty soon, I noticed I was hitting a weight loss plateau, and my stomach was as bloated as ever!” After two weeks of eliminating added sugars....“My stomach is gone,” she says, “and my husband lost six pounds!”

Personal Trainer Wisdom: As we know, not all calories are the same. The perfect start to changing your diet is to dissect the list of ingredients of each item. What is in your favorite foods? Do you really know? Many experts tell you to avoid ketchup because of high fructose syrup. Did you know that Heinz makes ketchup with all natural ingredients and zero high fructose syrup (Simply Heinz)? Before you remove everything from your weight loss diet, a simple change in your products could be the answer.


By simply ensuring your foods have enough fiber, ....they slow the progress of carbohydrates through your body; it gives you a continuous, steady dose of energy, so you never get the “I’m empty” signal. Oh, you’ll eat plenty of food, but not because you’re ravenous. Because it tastes so good! Fiber also lowers the glycemic index (GI) of foods, meaning the rate at which they’re turned into toxic blood sugar, leading to all sorts of health benefits. In fact, a review from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center discovered that habitual intake of fiber from whole grains reduced the risk of coronary heart disease by 20 to 40 percent, and the risk of diabetes by 20 to 30 percent.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: On the other hand, whole grains can also lead you down the path of diabetes or lead to weight gain. Despite the health claims, whole grains are a mix bag of beans (pun intended). It is a valuable source of fiber but it can also be destructive to your health. IF you incorporate unprocessed whole grains (oats, bulger, wild rice, etc.) in your weight loss diet, never consume more than 1 serving or a quarter of your plate for each meal. Or choose a serving of the less inflammatory portion of beans.


It’s easy to give up the added sugars because, after just 14 days, the sweet stuff will taste too sweet. That’s the secret to long lasting results... Test panelist Tara Anderson, 42, of Leonardo, NJ, says that after four weeks... “What I love about it is the way it’s retrained my taste buds. I have had a little sugar a few times, and it’s way too sweet now. I’m still trying to get used to coffee without sugar!” Better yet, it’s helped her feel healthier overall. “The best part for me is not feeling sick anymore or having migraines! I feel really good and will continue this way of life."

Personal Trainer Wisdom: The same applies to salt. The more you eat with each meal the more immune you become to it's natural, robust flavor. You might be surprised how little you need of each when you retrain your taste buds (and mind).


I found proof that it just doesn’t work. Researchers in Australia looked at different kinds of diets, including low-sugar and high-protein diets, to see if they made a difference in how the dieters’ bodies reacted. They put all of the subjects on the same number of calories, and broke them into four groups, trying out variations on high- and low-protein and high and low-sugar plans. They found that all things being equal, reducing sugar helped people lose weight faster, even when overall calories remained the same. In short, a high-carb, low-sugar diet was the best for cutting both fat and cardiovascular risk.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Hmmmm....the author says don’t count calories but everyone on these diets were on the same number of calories. The moral of the story here is that substance is king. The simple analysis of calories in vs. calories out isn't enough. Again, though, you can still have too much of a good thing (think: Watching Gilmore Girls over and over and over....). I've witnessed personal training clients gain weight while cutting out inflammatory foods and more. Keep your overall calorie count at the appropriate level for your body.


Becoming more aware—not just of what you eat, but of every aspect of your daily life— can have a serious impact on your body and your overall health. In a 2015 study, Brown University researchers asked nearly four hundred people to complete a mindfulness-awareness survey. Then, they X-rayed the subjects’ bellies to determine their degree of belly fat. What they found was that the higher people scored on the mindfulness survey, the less visceral fat they were likely to have! In fact, people who are less mindful have, on average, an extra pound of fat inside their bellies.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Mindfulness and meditation may not only help you minimize the emotional connection to your foods but they will also help you minimize your stress (which can also lead to less belly fat).


Every can of Coke has the sugar equivalent of four Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts. And the soda industry is doing every they can to help you forget that. Coca-Cola was recently unmasked as the number one sponsor of the Academy of Pediatrics’ HealthyChildren.org website, and it has given nearly $3 million to the academy over the past six years, according to The New York Times. And recent studies finding that a lack of energy expenditure in adolescents contributed greatly to the obesity crisis turn out to have been funded by Coke. Fight back by swapping your soda for unsweetened Honest Tea or Tejava Tea instead—each has zero sugar.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Repeat after me "ALL flavored sodas (regular and diet) are treats not drinks....ALL flavored sodas (regular and diet) are treats not drinks....ALL flavored sodas (regular and diet) are treats not drinks....."


You’re probably eating them without even knowing it. “Ultra-processed” foods now make up more than half of all calories consumed in the United States, according to a 2016 report in the online journal BMJ Open. “Ultra-processed” means any product that uses a non-food substance (preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial flavorings) that you simply wouldn’t use in a recipe you were making from scratch. And that, by the way, is where 90 percent of all our added sugar comes from.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: If you can't pronounce the name of the ingredient in your favorite food, your body most likely won’t process it well. Your choice: Do you want your body to waste it's energy on foreign invaders or help you efficiently lose weight?

How else do you think you can lose a pound a day?

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"14 Ways to Lose a Pound a Day" Review
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