My List of New Year’s Resolutions (and How I’ll Achieve Each)

It’s that time of year when I secretly eat chocolate, dream of eggnog, and write everything down that I will do differently in the new year. While most people run away from resolutions, I embrace them. It’s a chance to check-in on ME and create a new normal. I usually begin this process by compiling a list of day-to-day stressors. Eventually, it results into a specific list of change with a plan for each resolution. With this being said, here my expansive list of New Year’s resolutions and how I will achieve each! Here I come 2019!

New Year’s Resolution: I will sleep 7.5 hours per night.

Personal Trainer Plan: Of all of the health and fitness tips I recommend, nothing is more valuable than a full night’s rest. Based on a study of my physical self, I’ve determined that 7.5 hours is most ideal for proper recovery. I feel ready to take on the world on those days, and my creativity flows like an easy stream. Although the number of hours of sleep will be a priority, I will also be certain that bedtime typically falls within a 60-minute range for consistency.

New Year’s Resolution: I will write my second book.

Personal Trainer Plan: I’ve been talking about it for months (instead of years like I usually do) and have started this process 2 weeks ago. To ensure its completion, I’m dedicating 30-minute writing sessions on 5 weekdays per week to achieve it. Modest, approachable, and adaptable.

New Year’s Resolution: I will say, with reasonable certainty, "I understand," before I say any one of the following things: "I agree," or "I disagree," or "I suspend judgment."

Personal Trainer Plan: I want to challenge what I really understand during a conversation. Instead of offering an opinion, I will confirm the other person’s point vocally and, then, express a judgment based on the facts. I will also try to identify my biases and express those explicitly. And, yes, I will accept the luck that you wish me right now. I'm armed and ready to take on this approach but I just need to make it a habit. I plan to add this resolution to the top of my day-to-day calendar as a reminder.

New Year’s Resolution: I will stop fidgeting with my phone while driving my car.

Personal Trainer Plan: I will purchase a phone mount for my dashboard. I hope this will limit fumbling with my phone or peering down at it to see the GPS. Cheers to a safer road for everyone!

New Year’s Resolution: I will integrate an efficient calendar system for taxes, bills that aren’t automated, anniversaries and birthdays, and home maintenance.

Personal Trainer Plan: I will set aside 60 minutes on New Year’s Day to schedule everything that needs to be scheduled in my life for a given year in Google Calendars. Once I receive the email reminder, I must take action in the moment or within 60 minutes as a rule.

New Year’s Resolution: I will thoroughly write a set of childcare instructions for our babysitters.

Personal Trainer Plan: I will set aside 15 minutes on New Year’s Day to write a set of childcare instructions for our babysitters with my wife and save them on my phone. I will also print a version and stick it on the side of the fridge.

New Year’s Resolution: I will reorganize my closets to increase access to whatever I need.

Personal Trainer Plan: I will install shelving in the common hallways and reorganize the downstairs and master bedroom closets. I will create a map to show the placement of these items for quick access.

New Year’s Resolution: I will create a top ten list of easy healthy go-to meals.

Personal Trainer Plan: I will list the meals I already enjoy and begin experimenting with at least 1 dish/recipe each week. I will befriend Instapot cookbooks.

New Year’s Resolution: I will integrate at least one different ethnic dish each day.

Personal Trainer Plan: I will use the ethnic seasonings guide from Dr. Fuhrman’s book End of Dieting to add a different taste profile to a dish each day as the minimum effort. For more options, I will return to my new friend, the Instapot cookbook.

New Year’s Resolution: I will invite my 19-month old son, Preston, to help me with any task I’m completing in front of him.

Personal Trainer Plan: While it seems as if I’m encouraging child labor here, I’m really stimulating Preston’s neurons and teaching him the basics of life, such as cleaning out a dishwasher, throwing garbage away, completing my taxes, etc, etc. Too often I just complete a task without considering it as a teachable moment. Interesting enough, Preston loves to help! Who would have known that he loved tax work!

New Year’s Resolution: I will create and stick to a new fitness routine each month.

Personal Trainer Plan: I always write programs for my personal training clients but I rarely make the time to design one for myself! I need a personal trainer too, you know! Moving forward, I will design a new 5 day program during the last week of every month.

New Year’s Resolution: I will only check my phone once in the 2 hours prior to bed.

Personal Trainer Plan: No matter how tired I am a phone or computer has electrifying effects on my brain. Not only does this stimulation affect my ability to fall sleep but it disrupts my present-minded state. I will set a daily alarm to remind me to shut off before I shut down for rest.

New Year’s Resolution: I will read 1 book per month.

Personal Trainer Plan: Reading has always helped me reason with clarity. It somehow brings structure to my wandering thoughts which improves my day-to-day focus, comprehension, and communication. I will read 10 pages per day to achieve this goal each month.

New Year’s Resolution: I will perform at least 5 minutes on the Stairmaster every weekday.

Personal Trainer Plan: Humans depend on oxygen. Cardiovascular activities, like the dreaded Stairmaster, increase lung capacity and improve stamina. Most important, it increased my access to oxygen…hence this resolution.

New Year’s Resolution: I will simplify my budget so that every bill is automated from 1 bank account.

Personal Trainer Plan: Simple and automated equals less stress. Trying to figuring out which bill is being paid from which account while transferring money between each is inefficient and often frustrating. No mas!! Simplify, simplify! This process has already started and will be on audited on New Year’s Day.

New Year’s Resolution: I will reach out to one person I haven't spoken to in over a month each week.

Personal Trainer Plan: I admittedly lose myself in the day-to-day obligations in life. Along the way, great friends and family have fallen victim to my silence. Since relationship maintenance is a priority, I will choose one new person every Monday that I haven’t spoken to in over a month and reach out via text message or phone. A small effort but a worthwhile intent to stay in touch.

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My List of New Year’s Resolutions (and How I’ll Achieve Each)
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