My Clients (and Friends) Share the Lifestyle Changes that Positively Affected Their Life the Most Over the Last Year

Recently I asked my personal training clients and friends "Which lifestyle changes in the last year positively affected your life the most?" and here are their answers (they may give you an idea for a change you can make today)!!!

* Diet! I have made this change recently, but I can already read my body so much better based on what I eat. - R.K.

* Adopting a more plant-based diet as well as (trying to) reducing alcohol consumption! The second one is more of a work in - A.S.

* Two things coming to mind: Weight training twice a week and cutting out any sweetener/flavor syrups from coffee drinks! - J.K.

* I have definitely become more veggie-centric in my life, as opposed to my former cheese-centric existence. That, tracking my meals without becoming obsessed about every little thing I'm doing, and generally looking at my overall health and fitness goals in the macro, not the micro have affected me most positively. I know I have a long way to go and have had some setbacks, but I also know I am on the right path and that has made all the difference! - C.M.

* Beyond Sausages. - W.W.

* Starting each morning with light workout. Stopped purchasing and eating breads and pasta during the week. - D.P.

* Removing negative people. - S.R.

* Seriously, hitting the gym, even if only 30 minutes a day. I don't look drastically different, but feel much better! - B.L.

* Cut out (simple) carbs, down 30lbs. - A.H.

* Starting out each day fresh and putting yesterday behind you! - A.R.

* Sleep. - A.Z.

* Doing more things for myself. - K.H.

* I’ll give you two. I started calling my mom nearly daily after my dad passed. Also, it sounds bad for someone my age, but I cut time spent playing video games, which led to less time on devices, which led to being more engaged with my family. - G.S.

* Eliminating caffeine, gluten, dairy & soy for almost 6 months now. Total Game Changer! - S.M.

* It’s very simple. I decided to be more active. Get up and move. Stand. Walk. Go outside. Stretch. Practice breathing. Continue to be more active than the previous day. I use steps on Fitbit as one form of measurement. - R.L.

* Going to church every week. - J.L.

* Picking what is worth fighting for and what will not matter 5 minutes from now. - J.O.

* Moving home from San Francisco. I now have time to exercise again!! - L.V.

* Moving to VA. That and eliminating dairy. - M.C.

* Working it, everything, from the TOP DOWN. Going after the big things relentlessly, instead of wasting effort on building small step by steps. - R.J.

* Listening to others rather than just hearing...and being more patient (it's automatically increased if you have a toddler at home :-) ). - C.C.

* Letting go of unhealthy/ toxic people in my life. Learning to lower my expectations in a lot of situations so I will not be disappointed as often. - M.D.

* Reading God’s word and praying daily. Brings light into darkness and peace over despair. - B.H.

* The lifestyle change that affected me the most was the consistency of doing workouts and other activities like sleeping at the same time. This helped me in being able to work out efficiently as well as feeling more rested in my life. Overall feel like the most healthy person I can be! - B.C.

* Getting help from others. Eating better (not as much sugar and salt). - S.S.

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My Clients (and Friends) Share the Lifestyle Changes that Positively Affected Their Life the Most Over the Last Year
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