"The Most Unhealthy Drink Orders at the Bar" Review

I think you'll find one of your favorite drinks on this list. Mine: An Old Fashioned :( (from the article The Most Unhealthy Drink Orders at the Bar)!


We all know the beer belly is aptly named. And while you know to stay away from the heavy Guinness’, you may not be much safer turning to those light craft beers. Why? “The trend in stronger beer means more calories,” Brissette points out. Remember: The higher the alcohol content, the higher the calorie count. “Have a pint and you'll easily take in 270 calories or more. That's like eating a chocolate bar (or several)!” she adds. Not to mention the bloat factor from all those carbs. Dogfish Head IPA clocks in at 450 calories while Sierra Nevada Bigfoot is a whopping 330 calories.


Cider may seem healthy—it’s an alternative to beer and it’s gluten-free, after all. But while brewskies packs in the empty calories and unnecessary carbs, cider is rich in another black-listed nutrient. “A pint of cider can have 10 teaspoons of sugar. That's more than your daily limit for sugar in the one cider,” Brisette says.


Car bomb or carb bomb? “The dark Irish stout in this drink plus the cream and liquor pack in the extra calories (and carbs!),” Holthaus says. Sixteen ounces delivers a whopping 310 calories!


Your hangover may be better off without the hair of the dog. “A morning after drink like a Bloody Mary only delays the metabolism of congeners—a substance contributing to hangover symptoms—and extends the amount of time it will take for your blood alcohol content to come back to normal,” Holthaus explains. Plus, while vodka is usually a great low-cal option, once you add the tomato juice, vegetables, and spices, most Bloodys make their way up to around 300 calories.


Beer is a tasty addition to your regular ole margarita, but the combo of both beer and tequila in this drink, plus the limeade, pack a punch—both in terms of the amount of calories and also the alcohol you’re getting, Holthaus explains. A 12-ounce drink will cost you around 230 calories.


The Dude may approve, but nutritionists aren’t a fan. “The coffee liquor and the fresh cream make this small drink very mighty in terms of how many calories it brings,” Holthaus says. Just 4 ounces is 210 calories—and it’s a good bet you’re knocking back a bigger cup than that.


There are few drinks manlier than an Old Fashioned. But the simple syrup in this staple (as well as cocktails like a Whiskey Sour) isn’t so simple, nutritionally speaking. “Just 1-ounce packs in over 5 teaspoons of added sugar,” Holthaus says. “And a 6-ounce Old Fashioned will cost you around 260 calories.”

Moody Wisdom: The best alternative: The traditional way! Only drink an Old Fashioned with 1 muddled cube of sugar (2.5 g). Your great, great grandfather will be proud.

How will you change the way you order drinks? Do you think your drink choices are affecting your ability to lose weight or body fat?

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Author: Michael Moody Fitness with excerpt sourced from the article " The Most Unhealthy Drink Orders at the Bar " on MSN.com.
"The Most Unhealthy Drink Orders at the Bar" Review
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