The 1 Thing You Must Do in 2016

It's January 7th and it's hard to believe that we're already one week into the new year. Thank you, El Nino, for making us think it's spring until last week!!! While most people think New Year's Eve is overrated (argument understood), it's always a pivotal time in my year. It's my chance to start fresh. While I'm always grateful for my professional and personal lives, I always look forward to reflecting on the year and setting new goals to create a "better self".

While writing my book Redefine Yourself last year, my bedroom wall was covered with sticky notes of research (luckily Sammy didn't mind). Not only did this approach help me organize my thoughts, but it also provided the daily direction and reminders I needed to reach this goal.

Nearly a year later, the sticky notes have moved to my closet. Now, they state my personal and business goals for 2016. I see these reminders every day, and I do my best consciously (and unconsciously) to live in line with them.

I'm not sure what your focus is for the new year yet...or even if you take the time every year to reflect on one (or many) as I do. Just know that life isn't a steady stream that allows us to sit on a boat comfortably and watch it pass by (we might be bored after awhile, anyways). It requires us to remind, reenergize, reboot, redo, relearn, and repeat.

It seems like we need to do this at least every three months. The beginning of a new year is different, though. It's your time to look at your "big picture goal" and to reflect and adapt. Find new hope. You can make this as big or as small as you want. Start this process early, though. Start thinking about how 2016 will look like for you and what you want for yourself right now.

You don't need to do it yourself. Read self-help or self-improvement books. Ask friends for support. Hire a personal trainer. Talk to your doctor.

Please keep in mind that I'm not asking you to turn your life upside down or change every little approach. We don't need to brush our teeth hanging upside down or with our foot because we're bored. If it works the "normal" way, why change it (same applies to exercise). If there's something we can do to enhance your life, though, don't settle. Let's take a leap together and see what we can create.

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Author: Michael Moody
The 1 Thing You Must Do in 2016
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