Why is it so difficult to implement new sustainable change in your life despite your strong desire or success in other areas? Redefine Yourself : The Simple Guide to Happiness reveals the underlying influences on your behavior and the mental and emotional obstacles to achieving long-lasting goals. It unravels the unconscious “You” and steers you through life with a reflective cycle of awareness, acceptance, and adaptation  –  a key cycle to approach personal and professional goals with new efficiency and effectiveness. You will not only rewire your mental self and redefine your being but also create the life you want by examining your self-talk, fears, insecurities, problem-solving approach, decision-making process, and more. REDEFINE YOURSELF and create the foundation for lasting positive change and happiness in your life. 

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Michael Moody, Chicago Personal Trainer and Author

Michael Moody, Chicago Personal Trainer and Author

Trailer for the Self Improvement Book Redefine Yourself

Praise for the Self Improvement Book Redefine Yourself


"Inspiring in its simple yet meaningful message, this book is an important reminder of the power of the mind. By simply using our thoughts as tools in working for us rather than weapons against us, Michael shows us how we can truly learn to live out our best lives."  -- DANA MICHELLE COOK, Emmy Award winner and producer of The Empowerment Project

“Highly recommended! Michael takes all of his research and distills the information in a relatable way. He also sets you up for success by outlining how to keep it simple, be in the moment, and always bring life back to your purpose.” --CARRIE KENNEDY, founder and executive producer of Chicago Ideas Week

“From mindfulness to changing your routines, this book has what you need to take a good look at yourself and start making changes that will work for you. Michael is honest about the fact that while change isn't necessarily easy, it's attainable if you are disciplined, insightful, and perseverant.  With the information on these pages you can truly change your life!" --TORI NYBERG, LPC of Elevate Performance Counseling  

“An empowering go-to guide for actively seeking your life's desires! This book sheds light on how our very own behavior affects the outcomes to our goals. Read, redefine yourself, repeat!" --HOLLY STUBNAR, M.S., Board Certified Behavior Analyst

How Have You Redefined Yourself?


Redefine Yourself: The Simple Guide to Happiness Book Launch at Zed 451

Redefine Yourself: The Simple Guide to Happiness Book Launch at Zed 451

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