"6 Things You Can Do Every Day to Prevent Weight Gain" Review

Here's a quick list of ways to prevent weight gain daily. It's helped my personal training clients lose weight and will definitely help you too (from the article 6 Things You Can Do Every Day to Prevent Weight Gain).

Save yoga pants for yoga

Wearing leggings when you're not down dogging is comfy, yes, but a bad habit to get into. The stretchy fabric and elastic waistband are so forgiving that you'll have no idea if your waist is expanding. Save the spandex for your sessions with a Chicago personal trainer and opt for something more structured like a pair of jeans or a fitted dress so you can keep tabs on your waistline.

Fiber, and more of it

Fiber has the ability to fill you up for hours. Include at least eight grams at every meal and three to four at every snack to help you reach a goal of 25 to 30 grams a day. Nosh on fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds and you'll have no problem getting your fill.

Moody Wisdom: Add beans and seeds to every meal for a nutritional punch: protein, fiber, the good fat, and more! Need ideas? Find more fiber options in my article How to Lose Weight Without Exercise.

30 minutes, at least

Get in the habit of moving daily. Aim for at least a half hour, with four to five days devoted to more rigorous or longer workouts, and two to three days a more moderate workout like walking, hiking, or stretching. Be sure to include strength training with weights since building muscle helps you burn calories faster. If you don't have time, studies show that even 15 minutes proves beneficial.

Moody Wisdom: We're meant to move every day. Unfortunately, our sedentary lifestyles keep us locked onto a chair. Make a point to at least walk more.

Eat one every day

Make one meal of the day a big, huge salad to fill up on fiber without a ton of calories. Include a variety of greens and fresh veggies in your salad along with a low-fat protein source like cooked beans to make it even more filling, plus avocado or sunflower seeds to add healthy fats. Ensure you eat one salad every day by making a week's worth all at once.

Moody Wisdom: Every salad doesn't have to be the same. In fact, it should be a great balance of different vegetables (not just leafy greens). Read my recent post to see why salads can be overrated.

Chocolate, alcohol, or french fries

Cravings only grow stronger with time, so keep them at bay by giving in to them! Indulging a little every day will settle those cravings, so you can move on and stay committed to your healthy diet. The key, though, is to enjoy a small taste and to be done. Don't let a little indulging turn into a week of eating whatever you want.

Moody Wisdom: Hmmmmmmm....a little every day will settle those cravings? Maybe. Your success doing this will depend on your emotional connection to the food (and your self-control). I love chocolate and have faced the truth: If there's chocolate in front of me, I will eat it....I will eat all of it! Sometimes you're better off staying away from the treats at home and only indulging at social events every once in awhile. It might be the strategy you need to finally lose weight and/or keep it off.

Don't forget that sometimes the small things make the biggest difference too. Take a look at the post 25 Awful Ingredients Everyone Still Uses—But Shouldn’t! to find what.

Have a bedtime

Research shows those who are sleep-deprived tend to eat hundreds of calories more, not just because they're awake longer, but because sleep affects levels of hunger-regulating hormones.

Feeling tired makes you more likely to reach for sugary pick-me-ups. Get to bed at the same time every night (even on weekends), and set your alarm for the next day, making sure to get between seven and nine hours of sleep.

As a bonus, the extra energy will allow you to hit your a.m. personal training session with intensity, instead of hitting the snooze button and skipping out.

Moody Wisdom: Hands down (or heads down in this case), sleep is important no matter the goal. Having trouble sleeping? Check out the article Improving Your Sleep.
What else can you do to prevent weight gain?

Are you having trouble attaining any level of weight loss success? Check out the list of tips and tricks in my post The 68 Best Ways to Lose Body Fat and More.

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"6 Things You Can Do Every Day to Prevent Weight Gain" Review
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