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Chicago Personal Training in Wicker Park / Bucktown


Michael, a current resident of this area, has been donating personal training sessions to many silent auctions in this thriving art scene for many years. The two neighborhoods blend into a cultural and nightlife scene that represent Chicago's fastest growing neighborhoods. Michael has been fortunate to be a part of this growth while serving the Wicker Park and Bucktown (60647, 60622, and 60614) residents in his private Chicago facility for personal trainers.

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Chicago Personal Trainer Weight Loss Tips for Wicker Park / Bucktown


Michael's personal training clients often struggle with their weight loss approach while on the road. Struggle no more! Here are 10 ways to live healthy away from home:

1. Make your health a priority and always remember your favorite personal trainer in Chicago.
2. Plan your dietary and fitness routine ahead of time. What will you eat while working long days?
3. Schedule morning workouts instead of the evening.
4. Visit a grocer when you arrive and stock up on fruits/veggies/small meals.
5. Choose hotels with gyms and fridges.
6. Maintain posture while you sit and stand: Minimize body aches and maintain your confidence (while looking it).
7. Create a “No Time” 20-30 minute routine for your hotel room:
Pushup Hold/Squat/Plank/Lunge Cycle (repeat for the full time using a 45 second timer on your phone with no breaks)
8. Don’t avoid restaurants.
9. Become known as a culinary expert while dining out:
* Celebrate the tastes of every bite or drink you take-describe the characteristics of what you consume. Even if you take small bites you’ll be remembered as the person that appreciates the culinary experience. In example, take a bite of an appetizer and point out the defining qualities of it. People will barely notice that you’re bypassing the food.
10. Create a system of rules for dining out while networking:
* Drink only 1-2 glasses of merlot or pinot noir (the “healthier” alcoholic drinks).
* Restrict your tastes of appetizers and desserts to 2 bites. You’ll still taste it like everyone else but not overstuff.
* Choose veggies over starches and breads (whole wheat and not).
* Aim for Thai and Mexican food as healthier options (minus the cheese, sour cream, and wheat of course).
* Ask the chef for dishes without butter or cheese (the chef appreciates this ......It’s their time to be creative!).

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Reviews of Chicago Personal Trainer Michael Moody

I found Michael through an old friend and I cannot say a single bad thing about him! To the time of this review I have had over 8 sessions with Michael and each time we meet we discuss exactly what I am looking for and how to adjust not only my workout regimen but my diet as well. He really focuses on merging the two which makes complete sense. A lot of personal trainers in Chicago simply focus on the workout plans and just say - well watch what you eat or track your food. I have tried that approach with very poor results. Since my 8 sessions with Michael - I have lost over 11LB and going strong. The sessions catapulted me to a new understanding of how I should approach weight loss and my workout regimen. If you are looking for a Personal trainer in River North, Lakeview, Bucktown or any of the areas around I would definitely give him a chance. The facility is also amazing. Never over crowded and always fresh towels and friendly staff everywhere you go! Five stars all the way for this Chicago personal trainer!

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Date published: 06/29/2014
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