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Fitness Training in Lakeview


Chicago Personal Training in Lakeview


Before moving to his current personal trainers studio, Michael provided fitness training in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago (60657 and 60613) for several years. As a former resident, Michael lectured on personal training programs and at-home nutrition and donated personal training sessions to area charities. If you would like Michael to donate sessions with a personal trainer to your Lakeview organization, contact him today!

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Chicago Personal Trainer Weight Loss Tips for Lakeview


While personal training, Michael's clients always ask about their fitness progress and what's ideal for their body types.  In reality, the true standards vary based on age, strength, range of motion, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, injuries, and a million other factors. Nevertheless, check out the sample personal training checklist for strength, flexibility, and range of motion below.  Use this checklist of fitness goals with your personal trainer and always check with your physician before attempting any of these movements (especially if you have a history of injuries).

Pushups (20 reps):
___on knees ___standard___1 medicine ball (hand)___2 medicine balls (hands) ___2 medicine balls (opposite foot/hand)


___assisted 100 lbs ___assisted 70 lbs ___assisted 30 lbs ___neutral grip 5 reps ___neutral grip 10 reps ___neutral grip 15 reps

___neutral grip 20 reps ___overhand grip 5 reps ___overhand grip 10 reps ___overhand grip 15 reps ___overhand grip 20 reps

___15 seconds ___30 seconds ___45 seconds ___60 seconds

Squats (20 reps):

___holding ___stationary ___deep squat with stick overhead-Cook ___with dumbbell ___squat jumps

Lunges (20 reps):
____holding split squat ____stationary split squat____walking in-line lunge-Cook (hold stick top with 1 hand and bottom with other) ____walking lunge ____walking lunge with dumbbells

Hurdle Step (20 reps-arms up):
____holding 6”___holding 12” ___stationary 6” ___stationary 12”

Bird Dog (alternating 20 reps):
____1 second hold ___2 second hold

Fixed Percentage of Person’s Body Weight
Exercise / Men / Women
Lat pull-down / 66% / 50%
Dumbbell bench press / 66% / 50%
Dumbbell arm curl / 33% / 25%

For example, a 150 lb female on the lat pull-down would perform this test using 75 lbs (150 X .50 = 75 lbs).
Adapted from Heyward, V. H. (1991). Advanced fitness assessment & exercise prescription (2nd ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

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I am elated with my training program.. I have been actively workinng on this with Micheal for over three years. My results are that I have lost over 20 pounds and maintained that loss for the last three years. I feel very confident and I can continue thank you!

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Date published: 09/26/2013
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