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Michael has been proudly serving his personal training clients in River North (60654 and 60611) for nearly 10 years. While he served on the associate board for Gilda's Club Chicago and participated in the River North Business Association, he dedicated his time to higher levels of health and business standards in this community.  

Besides personal training in River North, Michael also serves as an ordained minister and has performed his ceremonies at the Rookery and the award winning River North Restaurant, Zed 451

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Personal Fitness Trainers in River North

Personal Fitness Trainers in River North

Chicago Personal Fitness Trainer Weight Loss Tips for River North


Is Crossfit exercise harmful? Well, no and yes. Crossfit can be a great way to build your strength, cardio endurance, and muscular endurance. On the other hand, if you're not in tune with your body and not mindful of your form, you can seriously hurt yourself.  Many of the lifts in their training programs are meant to push your boundaries. This can be a problem if you're dealing with a prior injury or don't have someone to watch you through the completion of EACH movement. Unfortunately, most Crossfit training sessions are classes and you will not have this attention.  

Also, heavy or maximal weight training techniques will cause inflammation. With and without proper recovery, you may strain your muscles (including your heart). Although Michael doesn't endorse or integrate Crossfit into his personal training sessions, it could be a good fit for someone you know. Just keep in mind that Crossfit is truly meant for a fitness athlete without prior injuries, doesn't need individual attention, and knows the strengths and limitations of his/her body.

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I have worked with Michael @ 3 separate times; once to heighten my performance as a competitive athlete, a second time to recover from serious injury and finally a third time to look great in my wedding suit. Each and every time, Michael tailored a custom program to meet my needs, and exceeded my expectations. Michael is always enjoyable to work with, and does a great job of keeping you accountable and motivated, but also ensures you enjoy the experience as well. Having worked with a few trainers, I think Michael is as good as it gets!

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Date published: 07/02/2014
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