Chicago Personal Trainers in Old Town and Lincoln Park


Michael began serving his personal training clients in Lincoln Park and Old Town (60614 and 60610) in 2005. Although now located near Chicago and Halsted, he once personal trained his clients on the popular Wells Street in Old Town. During his 3 years in the area, Michael participated in the Wells Street Arts Fest, partnered with many of the local businesses, and was a member of Old Town Merchants and Residents Association. His clientele included Second City actress/writer Sarah Haskins. Michael also supports the following charities and foundations in Lincoln Park and Old Town: Lincoln Park Community Shelter, Lincoln Park Zoo, and The Menomonee Club for Boys & Girls.

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Personal Trainers in Old Town / Lincoln Park

Personal Trainers in Old Town / Lincoln Park

Chicago Personal Training Weight Loss Tips for Old Town and Lincoln Park


Did you know that one of the leading barriers to weight loss is digestive inflammation? Recent research has shown that your body's reaction to specific food, such as dairy, may be an inflammatory response. This can actually slow your metabolism and lead to uncomfortable symptoms, including bloating, acid reflux, and even ear aches. As you attempt to lose weight, study your body's response to your nutritional choices and efficiently tailor the right weight loss diet for you while you personal train.

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I would highly recommend Michael Moody Fitness to anyone looking for a personal trainer, fitness coaching, health and wellness advice, etc. Michael helped me get in the best shape of my life before my September 2012 wedding and I could not be more grateful that I found him. Aside from my workouts with him, he really helped me take a look at the food I was eating and helped guide me to make better dietary choices to get my desired results. We became good friends throughout the process - his passion and positive attitude are so refreshing. I always look forward to the next time I will see him! He is fabulous.

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Date published: 07/15/2014
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