3 Things Guaranteed to Lead to Workout Injuries

Are you dealing with any injuries while going to the gym or meeting with a personal trainer in Chicago? You may want to make the following changes during your next fitness session.



No one likes to be sidelined by injury. Not just because of the pain and discomfort but also because you may not be able to work. It is a double whammy that can sometimes be very harmful to your health. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced lifter or new to lifting, we are all subjected to possible injuries. So how can we avoid injury during a workout? Make sure to pay attention to these five things that can lead to injury during a workout, train smart and listen to your body.


This by far is the number one reason why people get injured. Trying to perform an exercise that you are not proficient in or using too much weight is commonly seen in the weight room. Many of us may think we are strong enough, fit enough and smart enough to know we have the right technique but oftentimes I see people trying to move ahead to fast. The “I want it now” and “I am ready to push it too the limits” attitude has it’s pitfalls.

If you are performing an advanced exercise, say the deadlift or power clean, make sure you are using proper form and move up in weight slowly. You also may need to use a regressed movement pattern in order to master that exercise before you even do it. Also watch the volume of your workout. Quality will always trump quantity.


A warm-up serves two crucial purposes; it enhances performance and prevents injury. An active warm-up that includes dynamic stretching and muscle activation exercises increases body heat and blood flow. An increase in blood flow means that your muscles will be receiving more oxygen, and increased body temperature helps your muscles contract and relax more rapidly, making them more pliable and increases range of motion. Your range of motion directly relates to you performing a movement more efficiently and safely. Make sure to warm-up before every workout to reduce the risk of injury.


During a workout your body goes through tremendous stress. Without proper recovery methods such as proper nutrition, sleep and rest days, you run the risk of overtraining – which can lead to injury. If you are working out and are feeling sluggish, tired, weak and maybe even a little under the weather, this is a recipe for a pulled muscle and terrible workout. If you are feeling pain during a workout that is more injury related and not workout related (example: your muscles burring or lung gasping for air), you may need to call it quits and go home to avoid injury.

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3 Things Guaranteed to Lead to Workout Injuries (Adapted from the article 5 Things Guaranteed to Lead to Workout Injuries)
Avoid these workout mistakes while meeting with a personal trainer in Chicago.