Top 3 List for Choosing a Personal Trainer in Chicago

In Chicago, there seems to be an endless number of personal trainers.  How do you choose the right personal training experience for you?   There are a number of things you should consider when selecting your personal trainer in Chicago.   Here's my "choosing a personal trainer" cheat sheet:

-A professional, up-to-date website design:  With the access to design templates and current research, your next personal trainer should present her or himself in the most professional way.   Old research, poor layout design, and non-transparent pricing should raise flags.  If they aren't willing to put the time into their "online resume", what makes you think they'll put anymore effort in your personal training sessions?

-The trainer asks you questions before your first workout:  How can a personal trainer tailor a personal fitness program if she or he doesn't know your history in the gym, injury history, and goals?

-Your personal trainer corrects your posture and micro movements during your session:  It doesn't matter if you're a trainer or not-all of us need our movements corrected from time to time during a fitness session.   If your personal trainer never adjusts your position, mentions your posture, or reminds you of the muscles you need to engage, start to question her or his focus on you.   We can't be perfect all the time.  You hire a personal trainer in Chicago to help keep you in check.