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Is High Impact Exercise Good For You?

If you've ever met with me for a personal training session, you'd know that we are very careful about this topic.  Many people show outstanding athletic skill and an unique ability to handle quite a bit of impact and repetitive movements without injury (IE Basketball players grabbing a rebound or baseball players swinging a bat 300 reps a day).

On the other hand, most people not only lack the bone, joint, or muscle strength to handle these movements in the beginning of a personal training program but with advanced training as well.  

In the recent NY Times article Why High-Impact Exercise Is Good for Your Bones, the author gives a convincing argument to incorporate this type of exercise with your personal trainer:  It generates forces great enough to help build bone.  True, but special consideration should be considered for your body while reading this.  Is your body equipped to handle such force?  While it may help build your bones, will it breakdown your joints?  

This is just one of the many questions you most ponder as you challenge your boundaries with a personal trainer.

Try this Watermelon and Tomato Salsa Recipe While You Lose Weight!

My personal training clients are always looking for new weight loss recipes.  You can never go wrong by choosing ingredients that are fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds, and legumes.  Finding a tasty combination to keep you on your track to weight loss and looking fabulous is the tough part, though. 

I recommend googling the terms "fast recipes" and begin experimenting to see what you like.  Cooking is a science after all!  The NY Times recently posted a quick and delicious recipe for Watermelon and Tomato Salsa.  This is a great refreshing summer recipe that won't upset your personal trainer and will keep the waistline tight! 

What's the Secret to Weight Loss While Personal Training?

What's the secret to weight loss while personal training in Chicago?  Although the answer can vary depending on your body type, activity levels, and more, there are a number of changes in everyone's diet that can lead to weight loss success while meeting with a Chicago personal trainer.  

The key is nutrition and Dr. Fuhrman provides the nutritional tool you need for a life change.  Check out his book Eat for Health.  It provides the structure and recipes you need for a transformation.

**Please note that I believe there can be a contradiction when personal trainers in Chicago are profiting on the products they recommend.  Rest assure that I don't profit on Dr. Fuhrman's books and I truly believe in his philosophy.

Is Weight Watchers a healthy way to lose weight in Chicago?

Dr. Fuhrman has proven to be a leader in the weight loss industry and always offers interesting commentary on the weight loss programs in the media.  From the Mediterranean Diet to the Paleo Diet, he usually offers a scientifically backed opinion on the diets.

Recently, Dr. Fuhrman broke down the new Weight Watchers point system in his article Weight Watchers focuses on weight, not health.  You might be surprised to learn that this popular system is actually unhealthy.  Anyone meeting with a personal trainer in Chicago for weight loss or just has a general interest in the subject should definitely read it.


What are easy strategies for weight loss in Chicago?

While meeting with your Chicago personal trainer, there are a number strategies that you will employ in and outside of the fitness gym to lose weight.   While you may feel overwhelmed  with these new fitness and dietary strategies at first, they will collectively aid you in your path to a new you.

As a personal trainer in Chicago, I especially know the challenges for this change.  After all, the core of most functions and events include eating and drinking in the Midwestern culture.

The Dietary Guidelines offer several great suggestions for your initial step for weight loss:

- Choose smaller portion sizes (contributes to weight loss).

- People who eat at fast food or quick restaurants more than once per week are at high risk for weight gain and obesity.   Reduce your frequency.

 - Increase your intake of vegetables and fruit (especially high fiber choices) for a lower body weight.

- Decrease your intake of sugar-sweetened beverages. 

Adapt these easy weight loss strategies to heighten your personal training experience in Chicago today!