6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before the Age of 45

I think there's a point in everyone's life in which he or she asks "What does my life mean?". You've worked in your career for several years. Maybe you've started a family, too. These things define you, but you still feel a little sense of unfulfillment. Why? Perhaps you haven't been asking yourself the right questions. Here is a list of 6 questions to ask yourself before the age of 45. Get a head start on making the most of your life before retirement is even thought at your dinner table.

1.) How have your fears and insecurities steered your life? How would your life be different if they didn't influence your behavior?

2.) How do you handle stress and what's the effect on your physical, mental, and emotional health?

3.) Do you feel in control of your life? If not, why? How can you control the negative and destructive influences in your environment?

4.) Are you willing to accept the mistakes in your past?

5.) What's your purpose? What are you passionate about in your life? What's your mission statement?

6.) What's on your bucket list and why haven't you been checking it off? What have you always wanted to be? What have you always wanted to accomplish? Where have you always wanted to travel? What have you always wanted to see?

*****I'm extremely thankful for the friends and personal training clients who have forced me to ask these questions over the last 10 years as a personal trainer in Chicago. I hope these questions prod you to start creating the life you want and achieve the happiness you deserve.

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Author: Michael Moody Fitness
6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before the Age of 45
Create the life you want by finding your purpose.