The Secret to Losing Nearly 27 lbs!

What's the secret to losing nearly 27 lbs? It's definitely not eating ice cream all the time (at least my personal training client, Tim, will tell you this). About 5 1/2 months ago, he began the arduous journey to transform his life. Since then, Tim has lost 26.7 lbs and 6.1% body fat, and looks completely different! What's his secret? I'd love to tell you that it was primarily Tim's efforts in the gym personal training...but I would be lying.

While fitness helps burn some calories and sculpts your body, the weight loss key is nutrition. Tim's dietary regiment was simple, consistent and effective. He typically ate at the same time each day and indulged in the same foods as well. While Tim occasionally cheated, he always returned to the foundation of his program: limited to no grains, dairy, alcohol, refined sugars, red meat, and processed foods. Translation: 70% of Tim's diet composed of vegetables, fruits, and other nutritionally dense foods (sorry Atkins lovers). He also maintained his caloric amounts between 1300-1700 daily.

Don't believe Tim's success was mostly diet? Between January 9th and March 3rd, he lost 5.9 lbs and 1.7% body fat and rarely made it to the gym. In fact, Tim describes this period as the most challenging and stressful time of his life. His nutritional regiment was the only thing consistent during his 13 hour workdays/weekends.

I'm proud to say that Tim has fully achieved his weight loss goal (177-180) and is now focused on losing another 1-2% body fat. Take a look at his trends below! What do you notice?

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The Secret to Losing Nearly 27lbs!
Tracking your weight loss success and staying consistent.
3/26/2015 6:03 PM

Interesting chart about Tim's body fat loss trends....

Based on this data, Tim typically stayed in the same body fat range for nearly 3 weeks before jumping to the next percent. His body adapted in a sustainable way for long term results.

Overall Assessment

As you might have noticed on Tim's charts, his weight and body fat fluctuated occasionally since October 5th. While this is true, the overall pattern trended downward. Life isn't perfect and Tim's diet wasn't always perfect either. While he periodically cheated in his diet, he always returned to his consistent regiment.

Now it's your turn. Experiment and determine your sensitivity to the foods mentioned above. Find the right nutritional combination for your body and start tracking.