Beginning Your Experience with a Personal Trainer

Welcome to the beginning of the new you! It really doesn’t get more simple than this-literally. This personal training experience has been made to simplify you to understand you. Your goal achievement starts with observing your patterns-the trends of your life. No pictures…nothing fancy about this fitness experience. It’s meant to get to the root of you-the basic foundation of your movement and decisions. Whether trying to lose 5 or 40 lbs, TRUE SUSTAINABLE WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS always starts with observation.

Begin your weight loss journey now, but first read the following things you might say while completing the first 4-5 week process with your personal trainer:

*I thought going to a personal trainer meant jumping around like I’m in a circus to achieve my goals.  (Exercise is the smallest part of this process. If you want true change, it requires a change outside of the gym.)

*Writing down what I’m eating is not fun….I mean I really hate it.
(Recording your food stinks. It’s not fun. But……..brushing your teeth isn’t fun either…….and we do this twice per day. It’s all about the value you assign to the task.)

*Should I write down that I drank a bottle of wine on Saturday and ate a bag of Pringles?
(Tell us everything!!! The more we know about your choices, the more we can suggest! Don’t lie please.)

*Observations, Cues, Problem Solving Approach, blah, blah, blah……
(Understanding what you do on autopilot is the key to your success. You can’t reinforce new habits unless you understand the old ones.)

*Why can’t my personal trainer just tell me what to do? Worksheets are for 1st graders.
(We’re trying to frame a new thought process and it takes structure-sometimes in the form of a workbook.)

*I don’t need to do this (writing down what I'm eating)!
(Maybe not but I GUARANTEE everybody benefits from this process in 1 form or another. Try it for 1 month….you might be surprised.)

Don’t psych yourself out! Try it and see what happens…….