Personal Training Secret: Balance Every Meal!

 Chicago Personal Training Secret:   Balance every meal.  

Are you starving after meeting with your Chicago personal trainer?  Have you ever felt ravished an hour after breakfast?  Something may be missing from your last meal (unless the meal is too small-more calories are needed).  We have lived on the popular notion of carbs in the morning and protein in the night for several years.  Is this truly helping our bodies?  Are we supplying the body with an unbalanced supply of nutrients instead?

Considering that our bodies are creatures of habit (although we don’t always recognize this), we must feed it the nutrients and calories it needs to work efficiently.   For those looking for moderation, a balanced meal of about 25% protein (non-animal or white meat is best because they cause less inflammation in the body-which may slow our metabolism or affect our blood sugar levels) and 75% vegetables (with limited fruits/grains) may satisfy your hunger and convince the body that it isn’t deprived (keep in mind that some people require special needs based on allergies, diseases, deficiencies, etc.-which may change this guideline).  If you must eat a whole grain or all-bran cereal in the morning, add fruit and an egg on the side.  If you love carrots or celery, spread Almond Butter on it and sprinkle raisins on top.  Make every meal-big and small-a perfect combination of fuel for your ideal body weight or weight loss.