Choosing a Personal Trainer in Chicago

Choosing a personal trainer in Chicago can be the best step towards a healthier lifestyle and a happier you.  Unfortunately, the industry has grown so large that it makes it very difficult to decide on the best personal trainer (especially in Chicago).  My advice?  Obviously, I would love to personal train you.  I approach personal training as an experience.  I focus not only on exercise but nutrition and the mental wellness of losing weight or achieving any goal.  

I also realize that many personal training clients prefer a group format or a military drill style (both of which I don't provide).  No matter which Chicago personal trainer you choose, be sure to focus on your body first and recognize your strengths and weaknesses.  Know your boundaries and pay attention to your sensitivity to specific foods.  A real personal training experience in Chicago starts with you and you should know your body well before you push it beyond its physical boundaries.