End Your Lower Back Pain Today!

Want to finally get rid of lower back pain? Your number one goal is to reduce inflammation. Take ibuprofen (if your doctor permits) and add ice to the area for 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off for a few cycles. No heat....ever!  Don't add fire to fire!  

You'll want to reduce the compression on the spine, too. Sitting and lifting will cause this. Whenever possible take the load off the spine and lie on your back with your knees bent on the floor (a couch may tilt the hips). Place pillows under your knees for support. Do the same while you sleep and limit the sleep on your sides.

I also encourage you to take 5 deep breathes (Breathe all the way in....all the way out) and perform a hip thrust (Stop before the point of discomfort and squeeze your glutes) and a quad squeeze (Think cat pose but with a neutral spine while drawing in your belly button for 30 seconds. Activate your abs and squeeze your glutes lightly).


ONLY walk or use the elliptical at Level 1 while you recover.  No strength exercise until the pain is gone.

Once the pain has subsided a bit, try a version of the founder exercise in the video below using your desk (instead of a lower surface like the chair in this video).  Only watch until the 14 minute mark (don't try anything beyond it).  

Basically, you want to soften your knees slightly while hinging at the hips (pushing the butt back until you feel a stretch in your hammies).  ONLY hinge until you feel the hammies a little bit.  Any further can strain the hammies or consequently pull on the inflammed lower back.  Use the desk to lower yourself slowly.  This will help stabilize your hips.

If you feel your back at any point, stop.  You'll always want to stop this movement JUST before the point of weakness (ie a big hammie stretch or pull on the back).

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Eric Goodman Demonstrate Exercises

*Always consult with your doctor before performing any exercises.

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