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How to Minimize Your Stress at Work Right Now

It’s Wednesday and the end of the week is quickly approaching. For some of you, you’re eagerly eyeing the weekend. For the rest, your head is probably ready to spin off trying to complete your endless list of random personal and professional responsibilities. While I’d love to discuss the anxiety and frustration you’re going through with a mile long monologue, you really need a game plan instead. Here’s my no-nonsense approach to handling your anxiety and achieving your list today.

Organize your list based on priority

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Before you dive in to the nitty gritty of your list, you need to prioritize! If you’re like me, you justify cleaning your desk, answering 48 non-important emails, and brushing your teeth (again) to avoid what you need to do. Half the time the root of my anxiety stems from an unconscious shout (reminder) about the tasks I need to tackle. Are you listening to yourself??? Quit wasting time. Tackle the most time sensitive, important projects first.

Don’t add fuel to the fire

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Would you ever add fuel to a blazing campfire? Hopefully not…That fire is already blazing. Then, why would you drink more coffee or black tea when you’re already stressed and anxious? You’re just heightening an already unstable state and increasing your chances of less focus and productivity. Your creative ability could end up stunted as well (while you fly across the room). Create the mindset and physical comfort to patiently but aggressively check off your list. Save the caffeine for a time when you really need it.

Read your random text messages, social media streams, and personal emails for 3 minutes at the top of each hour (and no other time)

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Honestly, I’m already assuming you’re addicted to your habit of checking text messages, social media, and personal emails. Don’t deny it. In fact, you may be reading this article from your phone right now (I’m not judging). Have you calculated the number of minutes you spend on these distractions? I think it’s time. Starting now, record the time you spend in the next 24 hours. The tally will probably shock you. Although I don’t expect you to stop these indulgences, I think it’s time to set boundaries. You don’t have time to check Facebook every 15 minutes when you’re trying to finish a powerpoint presentation. You’re splitting your attention each time and siphoning off your creative juices with witty comments and emojis on random social media posts (not important). By the time you return to your work, you need to review and refocus (such a time waster). Set an alarm on your phone and then jump into your project fully. Give into your addiction when you’ve completed your homework like a good boy or girl or at least wait to the end of the hour.

Return to simple

Personal Trainer Wisdom: When life is complicated and stressful, what should you do? Simplify. Always simplify. It should be your first response. Are you taking on responsibilities that a colleague can manage? Pass it on. Are you scheduling unnecessary meetings while you have other pressing projects overhead? Reschedule them for next week. Remove the unnecessary and complicated and narrow your focus (a reoccurring theme here).

Rewrite your process(es)

Personal Trainer Wisdom: More times than not, most anxiety is a result of inefficiency in one of your personal and professional processes. When dealing with the less important stuff, create a mindless, predictable routine to minimize decision fatigue. I tend to wake up, eat, and go to bed at the same time each day. What daily requirements need more routine in your life? You want to minimize chaos in your life. Take control of these little processes too.

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How to Minimize Your Stress at Work Right Now
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