sunscreen safety

Personal Training Focus: Are Spray-On Sunscreens Safe?

A recent NY Times blog post asked "Are Spray-On Sunscreens Safe?"......and the answer seems to be "undetermined".  As you seek the most optimal health while meeting with a personal trainer, you may want to rethink your use of sprays.  What are you inhaling as you spray and is it a detriment to your health?  Some studies have shown that some of the ingredients are possibly carcinogenic to humans.  

Although evidence isn't conclusive either direction, you should make a careful consideration when exposing your respiratory system to anything airborne.  If your goal is to achieve the best health, you don't want to ingest or inhale anything that the body would consider a toxin.  In most extreme cases, people have developed cancer.  This is a chance not worth taking.

Instead, use natural suntan lotions or limit your sun exposure.  Always remember that personal training is more than exercise-it's about your body's response to your environment too.  Begin examining the effect of the sprays you use in your life.