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Personal Training Before Getting Pregnant

Looking for reasons to hire a personal trainer in Chicago before getting pregnant?  A recent NY Times article Overweight and Pregnant describes the risks of being obese while pregnant.  Some of the risks include gestational diabetes, hypertension and pre-eclampsia to miscarriage, and premature birth.  Read this article and change your lifestyle today!

Senior Fitness: Are We Over-prescribing Medicine to our Seniors?

Recently, my personal training client in Chicago, Carol, shared her frustration with her mother's doctor.  She found out that her 85 year old mother was taking nearly 15 prescriptions (3 of which were antidepressants) after she was constantly fatigued.  Are 3 antidepressants necessary for a woman of this age?  Does anyone need to take this many?

Carol doesn't think so and either do I.  I've noticed in the last few years the growing tendency for doctors to prescribe statins to my personal training clients.  What's amazing is that after 6 months many of the same Chicago personal training clients no longer take these pills.  Why?  They have changed their diets and levels of fitness.  Ironically, the doctors were quicker to offer a prescription before encouraging a change in behavior.

Today, the NY Times posted the article Elderly Patients Often Overtreated for Diabetes sees this as a growing problem among senior diabetics.  Check it out right now!

NY Times: Clean Air Linked to Fewer Deaths (Sounds About Right)

Does a global warming exist?  Does it matter?  Should we advocate clean air and higher standards against pollution?  This article from the NY Times about clean air should encourage you to speak out for change!  I know that I certainly don't want my personal training clients in Chicago to be working out in smog!