Personal Trainer Wisdom: 1 Fitness Myth Unraveled

I've been personal training over the last 10 years and I'd like to say that I've seen it all...but I know that this isn't true. Because of Women's Health, Self, and other fitness magazines, I'm continually entertained each day in my personal trainer's studio. I don't blame the clients or members for their crazy approaches, though. I blame mixed messages, misguided personal trainers, and unscientific advice from the media and the rest of the internet world.

If you're lucky you have an experienced Chicago personal trainer to guide you through your transformation process. If you don't, you may want to read the truth beyond the following myth:

No pain no gain.
This motto was perfect in the 1980's. The world was too busy watching Knight Rider and Miami Vice to focus on what their bodies really need. You didn't get a great workout unless you couldn't walk or sit for several days.

Now it's 2015 and obesity has increased threefold since the 1970's and every personal training client goes to the gym dealing with one injury or another. Why? We've been taught to push our boundaries and feel the pain so that you know the muscle was worked!

Your muscle was certiainly worked. In fact, it was torn and your muscle will shorten to repair itself as a result. As a defense, you will experience inflammation in that area too. Have you ever noticed a body builder who can't touch the middle of his back (how does he shower???)? Sure he has incredible muscle definition. On the other hand, his body is a big rubber band ready to snap.

While microtears are important for muscle growth and definition, too much can lead to inflammation, scar tissue, reduced flexibility, or a serious long term injury. Yes, you should challenge the muscle during your fitness sessions....but within your comfort zone. You want to break down the muscle so that it rebuilds itself stronger.

If you notice any pain, discomfort, or limited range of motion, though, you should discontinue the movements and focus on other areas. Your body is telling you that it had enough and it needs to repair. The longer the repair period, the greater risk of injury in its most weakened state. Let's keep it short and sweet.

Contrary to what most so-called experts and Chicago personal trainers say, you don't need to be sore the next day (and now you know why). Start changing your mental approach to fitness today.

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Personal Trainer Wisdom: 1 Fitness Myth Unraveled
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