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"This Hotel Now Has Rooms With Mini Personal Gyms Inside" Review

Hilton just made a big announcement! Find out how your upcoming trip can actually take your health and fitness goals to the next level---in your hotel room (from the article "This Hotel Now Has Rooms With Mini Personal Gyms Inside”)!


It’s not always possible to keep up with your workout routine while traveling. So one hotel chain is making it easier to cycle, do yoga, or sweat along to a cardio routine video without ever leaving your room.

Last month, Hilton Hotels debuted their Five Feet to Fitness in-room mini gyms, which offer 11 different fitness equipment options just steps away from the bed and nightstand. Eight rooms are currently available-three at Hilton's Parc 55 San Francisco and five at Hilton McLean Tysons Corner in Virginia.

The chain plans to add more than 100 rooms with mini-gyms around the country by the end of the year, says Ryan Crabbe, senior director of global wellness at Hilton. They'll be available in Hilton hotels in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, New York, and San Diego.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Is the distance to the gym always the determining factor of whether or not someone exercises? Surprisingly not. Even though most condo buildings in Chicago have fitness facilities most people don’t utilize these amenities (despite the fact that it only takes 1-4 minutes to find it).

The same trend occurs in hotels. Many of my personal training clients have the great intention of exercising during their personal and business travel but rarely make the effort. Understandably so. Whether they’re at home or on the road, they have plenty of distractions.

How do you make sure you don’t contribute to this trend? What’s the best way to counter your undermining self? Book a hotel room WITH the exercise equipment in it, of course! Not only do you eliminate the “I’m too tired to take the elevator to another floor” excuse, but you’re more likely to make healthy choices with the constant reminder next to your bed.

Yes, the quick access is a great benefit. The psychology behind the access is most important, though. You’re more likely to live in-line with your positive health goals if you’re constantly reminded with the appropriate stimuli in your environment. You may not realize it but such things implant themselves in your unconscious when reinforced. While the reminders may not excite you to run 3 extra blocks on the way to your destination, you may think twice about the croissant for breakfast. Essentially, Hilton may have just provided you with the easy answer to stay fit-minded in a new environment.

Workout Equipment

What kind of workout options will guests have? Features include a stationary Wattbike, medicine balls, sandbags, a Bosu ball, TRX, a yoga mat, and a foam roller, among other gear and accessories. Each room also comes with a touch-screen "fitness kiosk" that shows guests the right way to use each piece of equipment. The kiosks are also loaded with more than 200 workout videos covering cardio, cycling, endurance, strength-training, HIIT, yoga, and stretching and recovery.

If guests aren't up for a cycling session after a long day on a business trip or sight-seeing, Hilton still has them covered by outfitting each room with other wellness-related features-such as a meditation chair, protein drinks in a hydration station, and mini Biofreeze packets for sore muscles.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Although I’m a personal trainer who enjoys the variety that a personal training studio offers, don’t be mistaken: I still believe that you can achieve an unbelievable workout without equipment. Hilton has taken that a step further by providing you with a few key ingredients to take a basic workout to the next level. No matter your fitness goals, you can achieve a great sweat with their setup. The meditation chair is a nice touch, too. Try to avoid the protein drinks, though. Nothing replaces protein from whole food, and Hilton’s options may have too much sugar and be highly processed and inflammatory (not ideal for recovery or weight loss).

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"This Hotel Now Has Rooms With Mini Personal Gyms Inside" Review
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