gym membership

Should I hire a personal trainer?

Considering the current trends, you'll be left out if you don't at least have a gym membership.  Is this enough to be considered healthy?  I think you know the answer to that.  Gyms oversell their fitness memberships because they know that nearly 67% of their fitness members won't show up.

What does this mean?  The toughest part of fitness is accountability.  With so many personal and professional pulls, most people don't have the time or energy to research the best nutrition or exercises.  Maybe they'll try a couple of things in the gym on their own.  Eventually, though, they'll be bored, injured, or frustrated by lack of results after a couple of weeks without anyone there to be accountable to.

Hiring a personal trainer in Chicago will not only help you discover the proper exercise and nutrition for you, but he or she will also identify any dysfunctional movements, asymmetries, or challenges to your success.  Most important, the personal trainer will keep you accountable to someone (which increases your rate of success).

Quit wasting your time meddling with uncertainties or wasting your membership and hire a personal trainer today!