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3 Things Your Chicago Personal Trainer Should Do

Like real estate, it is very easy to enter the personal training industry.  With this being said, you never know what type of experience you'll get or what you should expect.  While I always hope people choose me as their personal trainer in Chicago, I am always thankful when people support my industry in one way or another. 

To ensure your have a positive experience, consider these points when considering a Chicago personal trainer.

1.)  Your Chicago personal trainer should train his or her clients one-on-one (at least most of the time).  Group instructors have different skillsets and focuses than Chicago personal trainers.  While classes are great and affordable, they aren't customized to your weight loss and physical needs.  Most importantly, you won't have the individual attention needed to identify weaknesses, imbalances, or an asymmetry of the body.  A Chicago personal trainer who meets personal training clients one-on-one regularly will have a trained eye for these things and won't be distracted by other clients.

2.)  Your personal trainer in Chicago should recommend whole nutrition-whole foods for your whole body.  Any Chicago personal trainer that sells or recommends nutritional supplements is a red flag.  Unless you've had medical testing to determine a deficiency in your body, you do not need any supplements (contrary to what anyone tells you).  Eating a food in its whole form is always the best approach.  Supplements are highly processed and strip the needed phytonutrients found in whole foods which help the body with absorption and digestion.  Don't let someone interested in commission sales tell you otherwise.

3.)  Your Chicago personal trainer should practice what he or she preaches.  Why trust someone if they're not doing it themselves?  Hire a weight loss trainer that believes in his or her philosophy and lives it by example.