6 Goals I Will Achieve Before New Year’s Eve (And You Should Too)

Only 95 days until New Year’s Day 2018! While you’re depressed to think about snow, I’m excited to start on my New Year’s Resolutions. Why not start now? It takes time to rewrite processes, retrain my body and mind, and make the appropriate environmental changes. While my life is wonderful (and very blessed), here is my early list of resolutions that I will achieve by the start of an epic new year.

Physical Goal: Train my left side to handle daily activity more comfortably and efficiently.

Ironically, I’m complaining about favoring my right side (ie hand and leg), and I’m a personal trainer. Your reply may be, “Why haven’t you fixed it already, Mr. Personal Trainer?” (which is a fair response). Like most people, though, even when you know what you need to do for yourself you don’t necessarily do it. I preach perfect posture and a symmetrical approach to life, but at times I still succumb to laziness while watching a movie on the couch or holding my newborn son in the same arm over, over, over, over, and over again. Yes, I’m extremely mindful of my physical approach, but I can’t help depending on the right side of my body (which I’ve done for the last 38 years). As a result, I'm unable to efficiently handle daily movements with my left side, such as brushing my teeth (try it and poke your eye out) and eating with a fork (if the food reaches my mouth 50% of the time that’s success).

No more!!! The right side of my body needs a break! I’m determined to train the left side of my body to be more functional and will consider it as a first option for various movements!

Physical Goal: Perform 30 consecutive pullups.

Pullups are one of the best (and toughest) exercises for the upper body. You utilize your lats, traps, shoulders, bis, tris, abs, and more! While I consistently perform 15-20 reps, I’ve never pushed for more…until now!

Nutrition Goal: Make 85% of my diet based on plant-based foods (limiting dairy, grains, meat, processed foods, etc.).

At one time I said, “I will become vegan when I turn 50 to reduce the risk of injury and disease and to protect my health for the last 50 years of my life :).” Why not start now, though? If you’re like me, you grew up on meat, potatoes, pasta, and donuts (or something similar). Although you’ve gotten away with it until now, careless eating will catch up to you. I don’t want to wait around to see what the wheel of disease will serve me in a decade. While my diet is already far better than the general public (and personal trainers), it doesn’t mean it’s the perfect combination for me. An anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense diet is surely the best way to keep me lean and fit while describing my college years to my grandchildren. Of course, this approach requires a great modification of grain, dairy, alcohol, meat, refined sugar, and processed food intake…which I’m willing to do 85% of the way. My wife and I love to eat at restaurants and want to allow some flexibility for indulgences. I’ve already tested a number of plant combinations and found this is easier (and cheaper) than it sounds. Time for a bigger step!

Schedule Goal: Limit my administrative work to the weekdays.

For the last 5 years, I completely stopped training and working on administrative tasks over the weekend. It’s amazing what a difference a 2 day mental break makes! Luckily, I look forward to my job every day. So, it’s not easy to stop working. I would still work over the weekend if given the opportunity. Knowing myself, though, I realize how easy it is to burn out if I don’t pull myself away. Instead, I work 55-60 hours during the week and don’t think twice about it.

Now that my son, Preston, has been born it’s time to rethink my approach. I realize that the perfect, efficient system that I created nearly 5 years ago doesn’t apply as well when I add a new time commitment (aka parenting). Recently, work has been spilling into my weekends, and I still approach Monday with a short list. With this new focus, I will analyze my time commitment to every facet of life including my client schedule, workouts, morning routine, laundry, and every task that requires my attention. I will reshuffle these pieces to efficiently approach everything during the week (not on the weekend). What can I multitask? What isn’t a priority? What can I outsource? All questions that will certainly place me closer to another effective schedule solution.

Lifestyle Goal: Arrive 3 minutes early.

To maximize my time, I normally fit 3 million tasks into a minute. With this being said, I usually hate to arrive early and waste any time waiting. The consequence: I’m always tiptoeing the line of being on time, and my stress levels increase tenfold while in a rush. The underlying goal in every line item above is related to the reduction of stress, and it’s no different here. If you’re constantly cutting it close, you’re most likely constantly pushing the boundaries of safety and stress to arrive on time (i.e., speeding, cutting off people, running through stop signs, etc.).

Since the root of this behavior for me is the fear of wasting time, I will now keep a running task list of things I can achieve from my phone. Basically, I will always have access to fun-filled business activities no matter where I go or how early I arrive. No time wasted anymore!

Lifestyle Goal: Don’t check my phone while driving.

While I have minimized the amount of time on my phone while driving, I still find myself fooling around with the GPS. Of course, when checking the GPS, I can often be distracted by a new text message, too. Ultimately, this behavior is risky and places myself as well as everyone else on the road in danger (even if I only glance for 1 second). I will set the GPS and check my messages before I put the car in “Drive” or pullover if absolutely necessary.

What habits do you want to change? What goals will you achieve by New Year’s Eve?

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6 Goals I Will Achieve Before New Year’s Eve (And You Should Too)
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