You Should Master These 6 Exercises Before the New Year (And Here's How)

The new year is almost upon you, and it's time to refine your foundational movements. Here are 6 exercises you need to perfect (and how) before you reinvent your routine on January 1st:

Personal Trainer Exercise: Squat Over Bench or Chair

Prompt: Feet straight and hip width, screw in the feet, draw in the belly button, hinge at the hips, tuck the chin (to create neutral spine)
Progression (15-20 reps):
-Knees in line with hips
-Knees in line with hips while holding 5 lb dumbbells
-Knees in line with hips while holding 10 lb dumbbells
-Knees in line with hips...away from the seat
-Knees in line with hips...away from the seat while holding 5 lb dumbbells
-Knees in line with hips...away from the seat while holding 10 lb dumbbells

Personal Trainer Exercise: Walking Lunge

Prompt: Feet straight and hip width, draw in the belly button, plant the front foot, screw in the foot, slight hinge at the hips, tuck the chin (to create neutral spine), feet together
Progression (15-20 reps):
-Drop 1 inch
-Drop 2 inches
-Drop 3 inches

Personal Trainer Exercise: Step Up

Prompt: Screw in one foot on the step (heel under the knee), draw in the belly button, slight hinge at the hips, tuck the chin (to create neutral spine), bring opposite knee forward
Progression (15-20 reps):
-6-inch step
-9-inch step
-12-inch step
-15-inch step
-18-inch step

Personal Trainer Exercise: Stairclimber

Prompt: Draw in the belly button, slight hinge at the hips, tuck the chin (to create neutral spine)
Progression (time):
-Increase your time by 30 seconds each week/1 minute higher level and then 1 minute lower level....alternate

Personal Trainer Exercise: Pulldown

Prompt: Feet straight with heels under knees, screw in the feet, shoulders above your hips, draw in the belly button, keep the bar straight across
Progression (15-20 reps):
-45 lbs
-52 lbs
-60 lbs

Personal Trainer Exercise: Dumbbell Curl (1 Arm at a Time)

Prompt: Feet straight and hip width, screw in the feet, draw in the belly button, hips under your shoulders, elbow tucked to your side
Progression (15-20 reps):
-8 lbs
-10 lbs
-12 lbs
-15 lbs

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Author: Michael Moody Fitness
You Should Master These 6 Exercises Before the New Year (And Here's How)
Learn how to lose weight from a personal trainer in Chicago.

"40 Things You'll Gain When You Lose Weight" Review

There's more to gain from losing weight than you think. Here are several reasons from the recent weight loss article "40 Things You'll Gain When You Lose Weight" to motivate you in the new year.


Carrying around excess weight is more than psychologically taxing, it’s also a big energy drain. When you’re toting around unwanted pounds, every task takes more energy than when you’re at a healthy weight. When you drop those pounds, your energy level is sure to skyrocket.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: More weight, more work without a doubt. Don't forget that a diet lacking essential nutrients will cause fatigue too. Every bite should have intent...be sure it's nutrient dense.


Depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation are often frightening, life-threatening conditions. Research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology reveals that increased body mass index is associated with increased risk of these conditions, although whether that’s due to social or biological factors is hotly debated.


Toting around extra pounds is no easy task. If you’re suffering from joint or muscle pain, shedding a few pounds can help lighten your literal and metaphorical loads, decreasing stress and pain levels throughout your body.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: You probably gained weight from eating foods that cause inflammation...which can also lead to physical discomfort and pain.


There’s no denying that it’s not always easy to make friends as an adult, with work being many of our main forms of daily socializing. However, a weight loss program can provide a surprising outlet for your inner social butterfly. Whether you’re attending weight loss meetings or trying out a new class at the gym, losing weight can open up a wealth of social opportunities for you.


Fighting back against high cholesterol starts with dropping some pounds. Unfortunately, high cholesterol can have a long list of adverse health effects, from heart attack to stroke, but losing weight can help you get your numbers down and reduce your risk.


Get more energy, lower your diabetes risk, and stave off disease by getting your blood sugar in check today. The simplest solution? Dropping some of those extra pounds you’re packing. Even if you’re not significantly overweight, losing a few pounds can help you maintain more stable blood sugar and improve your overall health.


If you’re having trouble concentrating, it could be something weighing on your waist, not your mind, that’s to blame. Research published in Obesity and Weight Disorders reveals that overweight and obese individuals are more likely to suffer from concentration and memory issues than those at a healthy weight,...so if your academic or job performance is suffering, dropping a few pounds might help.


A good night’s sleep is one of life’s simplest pleasures, and slimming down can help you achieve it. Sleep apnea can contribute to risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and an early death. In a cruel twist of fate, this often obesity-related disease can actually increase your weight gain, too. Fortunately, losing a few pounds can decrease your sleep apnea risk, leaving you well-rested and making it a pleasure to hit the hay.


Carrying extra weight is no easy feat, and it puts stress on virtually every part of your body, from your joints to your lungs. If you find yourself panting after a flight of stairs, losing weight can help you increase your cardiovascular health and breathe easier.


If you’re trying to get conceive, the best thing you can do to improve your chances (after queueing up the Barry White and lighting a few candles) is to shed a few pounds. Lowering your weight now can also help you have an easier (more comfortable and energetic) pregnancy and deliver your baby with less need for medical intervention.


Parents and caregivers are a child’s first role models, so set a healthy example for the little ones in your life by getting into healthier shape, especially if you’re overweight or obese. Not only will developing a pattern of healthy eating and regular exercise influence the habits of the kids in your life, research suggests that having an overweight mother can increase your risk of ADHD, proving that weight loss can make a major impact on entire generations of family.


If you’re an impulsive snacker, those little treats can really add up. If you spend just six dollars on snacks a day — that’s about the price of a latte and a candy bar — you’re adding nearly $2200 to your annual expenses. Opt for healthier foods you make at home, like tasty smoothies, and you’ll have a padded wallet by the end of the year.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Despite what you heard, a healthy diet isn't more expensive. Don't believe me? Fill up your grocery cart with only plant-based items (aka produce) and see.


Being overweight or obese can increase your risk of needing a C-section and increase your risk of adverse outcomes, like infection, following the surgery. Slimming down before you plan to get pregnant can reduce your risk of undergoing the invasive and costly procedure and reduce your chances of having a child who struggles with weight issues, too.


Many of the conditions associated with obesity, from high blood pressure to anxiety, can be major contributors to those pounding headaches you’ve been experiencing, but shedding a few pounds ends can help you live ain free.

What else do you think you'll gain when losing weight?

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MSN.com-Is losing weight a bigger step forward than you think?

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Author: Michael Moody Fitness with excerpt sourced from the article " 40 Things You'll Gain When You Lose Weight " on MSN.com.
"40 Things You'll Gain When You Lose Weight" Review
Learn how to lose weight from a personal trainer in Chicago.
Transform your life with Michael's   self-help book     Redefine Yourself here  !

Transform your life with Michael's self-help book Redefine Yourself here!


"10 Guys Share the Life-Changing Tips That Helped Them Finally Lose Weight" Review

The success of these 10 guys are true inspiration for my personal training clients and I. You should definitely heed these weight loss tips as you approach your resolutions in the new year. The tips apply to women too (from the article 10 Guys Share the Life-Changing Tips That Helped Them Finally Lose Weight)!


Name: Ben Whalen
Age: 30
Weight lost: 165 pounds in 9 months

Using an app to log his diet was a game changer for Ben Whalen. He says seeing the calories add up as he entered his meals held him accountable, which helped him stay motivated and on track.

He used Livestrong’s MyPlate Calorie Tracker app, which is free, but there are countless similar apps out there.

When Whalen thinks about a cheat meal, he says he sometimes plugs it into the app in order to kill the craving. One night, he was hankering for macaroni and cheese.

“A one-cup serving came out to I think about 500 calories,” he says. “That’s all it took to make me not have any.”


Name: Xan Barksdale
Age: 34
Weight lost: 26 pounds in 2 years

Too much time on the road led former Atlanta Braves catcher Xan Barksdale to pack on the pounds.

After leaving the professional game to become a coach, Barksdale found himself working 80-hour weeks and resorting to fast food all too often.

“It’s easy to do what’s convenient,” says Barksdale. “But what’s convenient isn’t usually the right thing.”

Barksdale figured out a way to make healthy options almost as convenient as the drive-thru, though: He keeps a cooler full of chicken breasts, hard-boiled eggs, and bananas in his truck at all times.

Nutritious options are always within reach, so he’s never tempted to hit up the fast-food chains.


Name: Lionell Dixon
Age: 32
Weight lost: 145 pounds in 15 months

When Lionell Dixon first started heading to the gym, he didn’t know where to start.

He tried cardio machines like the StairMaster, elliptical, and treadmill. But he wasn’t getting the results he wanted.

It wasn’t until he enlisted the help of a gym-rat friend that Dixon started trying new things like weightlifting and jumping rope. His body began to change.

“Jump rope is one of my favorites,” says Dixon. “Sometimes I’ll speed it up for 30 seconds or a minute straight, then rest for 10 to 20 seconds and hop back into it.”

It took Dixon over a year to find his groove in the gym, but he says he’s finally found a routine he looks forward to doing every day. Aside from jump rope, Dixon also lifts weights and hits a heavy bag.


Name: Patrick Hollingsworth
Age: 24
Weight lost: 15 pounds in 6 months

Patrick Hollingsworth had just gotten married when he was deployed to Thule Air Base in Greenland for one year away from his wife.

The separation bummed him out and drained his motivation to stay healthy. He put on weight.

When he realized he would see his wife again in 6 months, he snapped back into action. The idea of being reunited with her pushed him to get in the gym and start shedding the weight during the second half of his year at Thule.

“I didn’t want her to see me like this,” Hollingsworth says.

By the time he returned home, he was a new man—in a good way.


Name: Jonathan Coffman
Age: 28
Weight lost: 302 pounds in 2 years

Jonathan Coffman’s heart doctor said he’d be surprised if Coffman made it to age 35 because of his weight. Coffman clocked in at 510 pounds at the time.

Coffman had tried to lose weight before, but this time, he started small.

“I used to have a candy apple dipped in caramel and chocolate a few times a week,” says Coffman. “I quit doing that, and I saw the scale go down.”

After that, he gradually cut out other indulgences like mayo, pizza, and pasta one at a time. Now, he has an egg and fruit for breakfast, a protein and vegetable for lunch, and a salad for dinner.

Those incremental dietary changes, combined with running, helped Coffman drop more than 300 pounds during the course of two years.


Name: Kenneth Frierson
Age: 29
Weight lost: 100 pounds in 14 months

When Kenneth Frierson made the decision that he’d do whatever it took to lose weight, a health-nut friend introduced him to a myriad of tricks. The one that had the biggest impact: Meal prep.

“Meal prep allows you to be on top of your diet,” he says.

Every Sunday, Frierson prepares a week’s worth of meals that usually include chicken, broccoli, and beans. Then, in the morning, he just puts it in a bag and ships off to work.

Frierson often works 10-hour shifts, so having his meals ready to eat makes the difference between a healthy dinner and a quick, calorie-laden fix.


Name: Joshua King
Age: 37
Weight lost: 175 pounds in 1 year

When Joshua King decided to start losing weight, he began with 15 minutes on a stationary bike and 5 minutes on a treadmill.

He kept that regimen going for about a month, but eventually, he got bored.

To keep his motivation level high, King started varying his routine: Now he rotates through different workouts such as running, basketball, stair-climbing, and step classes.

“It keeps it fresh,” he says. “It keeps my body going.”


Name: Mike Briscoe
Age: 42
Weight lost: 76 pounds in 9 months

Mike Briscoe used to come home after work and have three or four beers. Then he’d have a glass of wine late at night with dessert.

That’s about 703 calories every day from alcohol alone.

“Now, I don’t drink every day,” says Briscoe. “If I do drink, I have a glass of wine with my wife at dinner.”

Briscoe says putting away his self-proclaimed “party animal” past was the most important step toward ditching 76 pounds in 9 months.


Name: David Steele
Age: 34
Weight lost: 33 pounds in 1 year

After his daughter died just one day after her birth, David Steele had a hard time. His go-to coping mechanism: food.

To find the motivation to take care of himself, he made his workouts a time to remember his daughter. He’d pull her picture up on his phone and keep it in view and listen to a song that reminded him of her while he exercised.

“That’s my time with her,” Steele says. “I look at her and blow her kisses. We know she’s in heaven.”

Steele makes it his goal to burn 528 calories each workout in honor of the day his daughter was born: May 28.


Name: Anthony Flores
Age: 31
Weight lost: 90 pounds in 1 year

One day, Anthony Flores was trying to climb a staircase when he found himself having a hard time breathing. That was his turning point.

The next day, he went to the local YMCA and started running.

“I lasted 10 minutes,” he says. “I would never run during the daytime. I didn’t want to be seen.”

But he pushed himself to improve bit by bit.

He signed up for 5K “fun runs” and watched the other runners to see how he could get better.

“I would mimic what they always did,” he says. “I turned out to be pretty fast.”

Eventually, Flores worked his way up to participating in official races. Now he’s competed in several big-name races, including the USA Triathlon.

Which strategies will you integrate into your lifestyle?

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Article Credit:

Author: Michael Moody Fitness with excerpt sourced from the article " 10 Guys Share the Life-Changing Tips That Helped Them Finally Lose Weight " on MSN.com.
"10 Guys Share the Life-Changing Tips That Helped Them Finally Lose Weight" Review
Learn how to lose weight from a personal trainer in Chicago.
Transform your life with Michael's  self-help book   Redefine Yourself here !

Transform your life with Michael's self-help book Redefine Yourself here!