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More Surpising Reasons Why You're Gaining Weight

As a personal trainer in Chicago, I'm constantly looking for new ways to repackage the key components to weight loss (after all, we have different learning styles).  Recently, MSN effectively gave its readers a wakeup call with their article 11 Surprising Reasons You're Gaining Weight.  From drinks to sleep deprivation, they breakdown the major obstacles that are obstructing your goals with your Chicago personal trainer.  Take a read and see what's affecting your weight loss.

Please note that I agree with all of the weight gain factors in this article but should add the following notes:

-The title "Too Much Healthy Food" is deceiving.  Fully read the paragraph underneath this heading to understand what the author meant.

-"Weight Training":  Just as the article mentions, muscle weighs more than fat (which can hypothetically lead to weight gain).  Please keep in mind that this WILL NOT HAPPEN for most people (or the difference is slight).  Unless you're a bodybuilder, DO NOT expect to gain weight from strength training.

-"Undereating":  It's amazing that you can actually gain weight from undereating...but it's true.  If you create a deficit in the body, it will respond and do whatever it can to protect itself.  With this being said, there isn't a magic calorie number that works for everyone while they're losing weight.  It's important that you test your diet and find the caloric number that fits your metabolism.

Keep the article and my weight gain notes in mind and you'll achieve weight loss success during your personal training experience!