dealing with stress

What's the stress about?

My personal training clients in Chicago may give you a variety of answers when you ask them how they destress: run, meditate, walk the dog, meet with a personal trainer, eat endless plates of pasta at Olive Garden, etc.  No matter the method there tends to be a theme:  a reward system.  This can be especially useful and motivating when making yourself feel better after long hours behind a desk.  Who doesn't want to work for a reward (especially if it's for chocolate)?

Well, the problem is too many.  While being satisfied with the extrinsic rewards like a beer can be rewarding in the short term, you'll eventually feel unsatisfied and search for the next best thing.

Ideally, you want intrinsic rewards-feelings of purpose or accomplishment from your job.  Why is this important?  Because you're worried about distressing.  When doing this, you should consider the root of your stress first.  It will determine how you destress!