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Q&A: What’s the biggest change you’ve made in your personal training business?

Nearly ten years ago, I began my personal training company with the intent of ruling the fitness world (or at least Chicago). I wanted a 10,000 square foot personal trainers' studio and a handful of fitness instructors working for me. The name of that project was Revival Fitness Personal Training, and it was built to bring the success and happiness I've always desired.

Little did I know that the root of what I wanted could be achieved in far simpler measures. I needed to change personal training business plan.

I pursued this career as a personal trainer in Chicago because of my interest in human behavior, the physical body, and the necessary steps to help people achieve their best selves. As I expanded my business, my focus quickly shifted to managing a staff of personal trainers, assistants, and interns. While they were unbelievable employees, my time was dedicated to administrative tasks, marketing, and troubleshooting. I found myself dissatisfied with this business path. I was juggling a workload that not only caused me quite a bit of stress but drove me further from my purpose: Helping people understand themselves and other people.

Most pundits will tell you that a business is unsuccessful if it isn't growing exponentially. What if this growth compromises your initial philosophy? Why expand a garden if it already grows enough fruit? Although I invested a lot of money in my original path, there wasn't anything more satisfying than when I adapted my plan to reflect what it was originally based on: My interaction with personal training clients.

With this being said, I am no longer worried about expanding the size of my company. Instead, I am focused on the needs of my clients again. I meet with them weekly without the distraction of managing other people (besides myself).

While there are limitations in growth as a one person company, I can never trade the fulfillment I feel daily in this new plan. Although I will always encourage people to pursue their dreams, I will also encourage them to constantly check-in with themselves and their path to determine if they're truly carving out the life that's most ideal for them.

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Adapting Your Personal Training Business to Your Wants
How modifying my business plan for my personal trainer company led to my happiness