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"The Most Unhealthy Drink Orders at the Bar" Review

I think you'll find one of your favorite drinks on this list. Mine: An Old Fashioned :( (from the article The Most Unhealthy Drink Orders at the Bar)!


We all know the beer belly is aptly named. And while you know to stay away from the heavy Guinness’, you may not be much safer turning to those light craft beers. Why? “The trend in stronger beer means more calories,” Brissette points out. Remember: The higher the alcohol content, the higher the calorie count. “Have a pint and you'll easily take in 270 calories or more. That's like eating a chocolate bar (or several)!” she adds. Not to mention the bloat factor from all those carbs. Dogfish Head IPA clocks in at 450 calories while Sierra Nevada Bigfoot is a whopping 330 calories.


Cider may seem healthy—it’s an alternative to beer and it’s gluten-free, after all. But while brewskies packs in the empty calories and unnecessary carbs, cider is rich in another black-listed nutrient. “A pint of cider can have 10 teaspoons of sugar. That's more than your daily limit for sugar in the one cider,” Brisette says.


Car bomb or carb bomb? “The dark Irish stout in this drink plus the cream and liquor pack in the extra calories (and carbs!),” Holthaus says. Sixteen ounces delivers a whopping 310 calories!


Your hangover may be better off without the hair of the dog. “A morning after drink like a Bloody Mary only delays the metabolism of congeners—a substance contributing to hangover symptoms—and extends the amount of time it will take for your blood alcohol content to come back to normal,” Holthaus explains. Plus, while vodka is usually a great low-cal option, once you add the tomato juice, vegetables, and spices, most Bloodys make their way up to around 300 calories.


Beer is a tasty addition to your regular ole margarita, but the combo of both beer and tequila in this drink, plus the limeade, pack a punch—both in terms of the amount of calories and also the alcohol you’re getting, Holthaus explains. A 12-ounce drink will cost you around 230 calories.


The Dude may approve, but nutritionists aren’t a fan. “The coffee liquor and the fresh cream make this small drink very mighty in terms of how many calories it brings,” Holthaus says. Just 4 ounces is 210 calories—and it’s a good bet you’re knocking back a bigger cup than that.


There are few drinks manlier than an Old Fashioned. But the simple syrup in this staple (as well as cocktails like a Whiskey Sour) isn’t so simple, nutritionally speaking. “Just 1-ounce packs in over 5 teaspoons of added sugar,” Holthaus says. “And a 6-ounce Old Fashioned will cost you around 260 calories.”

Moody Wisdom: The best alternative: The traditional way! Only drink an Old Fashioned with 1 muddled cube of sugar (2.5 g). Your great, great grandfather will be proud.

How will you change the way you order drinks? Do you think your drink choices are affecting your ability to lose weight or body fat?

Are you having trouble losing weight? You may need to change your morning routine. Read 30 Best Breakfast Habits to Drop 5 Pounds.

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Author: Michael Moody Fitness with excerpt sourced from the article " The Most Unhealthy Drink Orders at the Bar " on
"The Most Unhealthy Drink Orders at the Bar" Review
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Transform your life with Michael's self-help book Redefine Yourself here!


Bridal Secret to Wedding Day Weight Loss While Personal Training

The perfect wedding shape has never been easier to access!  Health tips everywhere!  Personal trainer gyms on every corner in Chicago!  Unfortunately, you can’t find the motivation to run into a fitness center with endless nagging wedding decisions:  What color are the bridesmaid dresses?  Why isn’t you’re husband helping?  This is a full time job! 

How do you motivate yourself to lose those extra 5-15lbs before the big day?  How do you  rid yourself of self-sabotaging habits in this time of stress…..I mean happiness? 

Never underestimate the power of the mind while personal training in Chicago.  Your mind will take you from the couch to the gym or make you run when you’re tired.

Unfortunately, your best friend is your worst enemy. It makes you salivate when walking past a candy bar and urges you to finish a chocolate cake.

Besides your muscles, train your mind to become stronger willed. Pay attention to these weaknesses of your mind: The need to “wait till later” but never get it done or “just one more bite” but never stop eating.

Don’t be afraid to yell at yourself! It’s your body and it’s time to look your best. If you can’t overcome this influence, do the next best thing….trick your mind.

We are creatures of habit and it’s time to reverse your primitive eating and fitness habits – or, maybe, non-habits in this case. Here are six ways to combat your evil, inner self:

 Whenever you crave ice cream, substitute it with frozen fruit. You’ll satisfy your craving for a frozen sweet while reducing calories and fat.

 Picture your stomach expanding when eating. Take your time while eating and enjoy the taste of each bite.  Once you feel a little “stuffed” or satiated, picture your stomach expanding outward with every additional bite (a visualization most people don’t want-especially in a bathing suit). Your body only burns off the calories so fast (unless you run in place at the same time-not recommended).  If you think you’re still hungry, wait 60 minutes and reevaluate.  Once the food is digested, you might find that you were no longer hungry after all.

 Buy all new undergarments for your sessions with your Chicago personal trainer. Anytime you wear a new dress or shoes, you feel great….almost like a new person. This association is powerful and can help your efforts in the gym. Buy new undergarments specifically for your workouts.  You’ll feel like a new, energized person in the personal training studio.

 When self-critical, remind yourself that your perception of reality has been slightly skewed before ( i.e. believing in Santa Claus). Your misperception may result from your lack of understanding, misjudgment, or, simply, lack of sleep. Realize this, have faith in your hard work, refocus and try again tomorrow.

 Always leave at least one bite of food on the plate. Growing up, your mother told you to finish everything on your plate. Unfortunately, your mind is now trained to continue eating during a meal whether or not your stomach is full. It takes practice, patience, and time to undue this habit. Leave the last forkful of food on the plate and toss it in the sink. Out of sight and out of mind. Eventually, you’ll learn that finishing dinner means stopping when no longer hungry.

 Establish a set time each day for exercise (whether you're with a Chicago personal trainer or not). You are a creature of habit and routine is most important.  Build a mental association between a time and an activity. If you exercise every day at noon, you’ll develop a mental script that will push you when unmotivated.  Take the decision process out of the equation and make it a scheduled habit.  You might be less likely to talk yourself out of it.

Tricking your mind is not an easy task. Like a sport, you must practice to become proficient. Practice these tricks while personal training and they will develop into habits. Frequency is key! Don’t allow yourself to hold you back from becoming something greater and, most important, looking your best on your wedding day.  Exercising and being mindful of your diet will help you lose weight. Understanding your body, though, will sustain a lifetime of less weight and better habits.