Shawn Achor and the Five Habits

Recently, one of my personal training clients sent me the email below about Shawn Achor and the five habits we should incorporate in our lives.  Take a read and begin transforming more than your physical self.


The author on the PBS special I saw was Shawn Achor.  He spoke about how we process the world, re-wiring your brain, and changing your mindset, the impacts on our physical and mental bodies, and positive psychology and the human potential of the brain.  Check out Achor’s five habits:

1.       The 3 Gratitudes – Write or say three new things you are grateful for each day for 21 days. Be specific and no repeats.

2.       The Doubler – For two minutes a day (for 21 days again), write down all the details of something meaningful and positive that happened the day before.  The theory is that by “reliving” the experience, you get double the joyful mojo.

3.       The Fun Fifteen –Add 15 mindful minutes of fun physical activity. The key word is fun.

4.       The Ripple Effect – Consciously add three smiles a day-releases dopamine.

5.       Charge Your Battery – Reconnect to your social support network i.e. friends and family. For the next few days, take two minutes to write a positive note to someone in your support system.