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11 Diet Foods That Make You Fat

Ever wonder why you're not losing weight while eating healthy? Check out MSN's article 11 Diet Foods That Make You Fat and learn how your favorite grocery items increase the inches on your waistline.

*****Please note that several of the listed foods don't need to be extinguished from your diet (i.e. nuts). Sometimes you're eating the right foods but just too much of them. For example, nuts are a great snack...when you're not grabbing three handfuls. Moderation for anything is good, but knowing the right portion size for you is most important.

If you're not sure about your current diet, try writing down what you're eating for three days and allow your personal trainer to review it. You may find that you only have to cut specific foods in half instead of completely eliminating them.

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11 Diet Foods That Make You Fat
Find out which of your favorite diet foods are undermining your weight loss efforts.
Self-help book by author and Chicago personal trainer, Michael Moody

Self-help book by author and Chicago personal trainer, Michael Moody


Vera Cruz Fish and Brussels Sprouts Weight Loss Dinner

Trader Joes serves up the perfect quick fish dish with a Mediterranean flare.   Try this weight loss recipe and make your Chicago personal trainer happy!

Sauté the Vera Cruz fish until you reach an internal temperature of 175.  Meanwhile, sauté the prechopped bagged Brussels Sprouts and packaged sundrie tomatoes in 1 tspn of olive oil over medium heat until the leaves crisp.  Stir frequently.

Lastly, toss the drained and rinsed white beans (can) in parsley, garlic, and a 1/2 tspn of olive oil.  Heat on medium until you reach your preferred temperature.

15-20 minutes with prep

30 seconds to call your Chicago personal trainer for approval

Weight Loss Recipes: 15 Minute Mahi Tacos

Looking for the weight loss recipe your Chicago personal trainer will be proud of?  Check out this easy 15 minute fish taco recipe to liven up your weight loss lunches and dinners!

****Saute Trader Joe's frozen Mahi with 1 tbsp of olive oil until you reach the temperature of 175 on low heat.  Season with salt and pepper.  Meanwhile, finely chop 1 cup of spinach, heat 1/2 cup of vegetarian refried beans, and warm 2 El Milagro corn tortillas.  

Once everything is heated, create your taco and top it with your favorite salsa or hot sauce!


Weight Loss recipe your Chicago personal trainer won't yell at you for.

The Bitter Face of Supplements

Do you find yourself bouncing from one supplement to another?  How do you know what works best while you meet with your Chicago?  Sadly enough, you don't and probably won't find out unless you perform blood tests for an extended period of time.  

Nevertheless, despite not knowing the real total effects of supplements on your body or anyone else's, personal trainers in Chicago still blindly recommend weight loss supplements for short term results and/or financial gain.  

There's no avoiding this fact:  Most supplements aren't FDA approved or have gone though non-privatized funded projects.  Should you lay your body in the hands of a miracle pill that hasn't been tested?  Do you need to take this risk when you haven't scientifically tested you're true physical need?  

It can be good to push your boundaries during a personal training experience.  This doesn't mean jumping off a cliff without looking when choosing the right nutritional path.  Reconsider taking supplements.

What are easy strategies for weight loss in Chicago?

While meeting with your Chicago personal trainer, there are a number strategies that you will employ in and outside of the fitness gym to lose weight.   While you may feel overwhelmed  with these new fitness and dietary strategies at first, they will collectively aid you in your path to a new you.

As a personal trainer in Chicago, I especially know the challenges for this change.  After all, the core of most functions and events include eating and drinking in the Midwestern culture.

The Dietary Guidelines offer several great suggestions for your initial step for weight loss:

- Choose smaller portion sizes (contributes to weight loss).

- People who eat at fast food or quick restaurants more than once per week are at high risk for weight gain and obesity.   Reduce your frequency.

 - Increase your intake of vegetables and fruit (especially high fiber choices) for a lower body weight.

- Decrease your intake of sugar-sweetened beverages. 

Adapt these easy weight loss strategies to heighten your personal training experience in Chicago today!