Personal Training Nutrition: Is There a Magical Weight Loss Pill?

During my personal training sessions in Chicago, clients often ask about magical weight loss pills.  Usually the statement begins with "I recently saw on Dr. Oz....".  I'll admit that I don't know the positive effects of every dietary supplement out there.  In fact, as a Chicago personal trainer, I will admit that I don't know much about most dietary supplements.  

And I'm not alone.  The federal government doesn't either.  Surprisingly, supplements aren't regulated under the FDA and their claims on effectiveness is usually based on privately funded studies.  Is this right considering the harmful risks of this massive industry?

Even Dr. Oz-the self-proclaimed medical expert on TV-has fallen prey to the unregulated hype.  Check out the youtube video of  Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:  Dr. Oz and Weight Loss Supplements for surprising commentary on this topic.