Food Scores

This New Food Scoring System Will Change the Way You Eat

Struggling to choose the healthiest foods while you personal train in Chicago?  Who can blame you?  Every package in the supermarket seems to make one ridiculous health claim after another.  Who can you trust during this period of weight loss?  

The Environmental Working Group has made it easier for you.  Recently featured in the NY Times Food Scores, a New Web Service, Ranks Grocery Items on Ingredients and Nutrition article, the group is shaking the ground on what's healthy and not.  

In a database of over 80,000 foods, they give you a single score (between 1 and 10) based on the nutrition, ingredients, and processing of the item.  This is perfect for the organic foodie or the weight loss novice looking to find the most nutritionally dense foods without pesticides, additives, and more!   

Check your grocery list on their site and see if you're helping or hurting your weight loss while meeting with a Chicago personal trainer.