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Charting Your Weight Loss Success

Knowing what you need to do to lose weight with a Chicago personal trainer is only part of the answer.  Tracking your progress is the other.

Below is a real example of weight loss accountability.  This personal training client, Tim, has lost nearly 8 lbs between 10/07/14 and 11/07/14.  Although this is right on pace, he was curious why he didn't lose more.  Take a look and see what trend you find.

Losing weight with a personal trainer in Chicago....and Excel!

Losing weight with a personal trainer in Chicago....and Excel!

Based on the data, my personal training client showed inconsistency in his numbers over the weekends (which Tim has noted as eating things he normally doesn't choose during the week).  Overall, though, Tim is on the right track and has been more consistent with his weight loss trend with this new weekend awareness.  

Tim's reasons for his recent weight loss success:

"Besides eating a vegetarian diet [this doesn't mean pasta time, folks] and cutting out alcohol, consistency and only focusing on what I want to put in my body (instead of what I don't want) are the reasons for my success"

Now it's your turn.

Choose Your Goals to Lose Weight

In an effort to increase accountability while losing weight with a Chicago Personal Trainer, you should choose 3 specific goals each month.  Always keep last month's goals in mind.  Did you reach your goals?  Why or why not?  What would you have done differently?  Were the goals realistic?

Take two minutes to record these weight loss goals-it will guide your programs with a personal trainer in Chicago and behaviors for the next 4 weeks.  The more specific, the better.  The greater focus for you, the more likely you'll reach your larger goals. 

*  Weight Loss Dietary Goal:

IE:  1 soda per week, 4 glasses of wine per week, 1 cheat meal per week, 50% veggies with every meal

*  Personal Fitness Goal:  

IE:  4 days of exercise, walk 12,000 steps per day, perform a perfect lunge, perform a pullup

*  Life Goal:

IE:  Don't work over the weekend, Take a breath whenever I'm stressed, Spend more time with my spouse

Need a reminder of what you need to do?  Download the app S-Routine on your phone.  Within the app, you can set up alerts with positive messages that will keep you on task. It's time to reinforce a new you! 

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Choose Your Goals to Lose Weight
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