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Charting Your Weight Loss Success Part 2

Over the last 2 months, my personal training client, Tim, has been tracking his body weight and body fat loss.  I'm happy to report that Tim has lost 13.7 lbs between October 13th and December 9th!  In fact, he reported a new low on Thursday, December 11th: 189 lbs!  That's 15 lbs in 8 weeks....and well in our sustainable "1-2 lb per week" range.  

Take a look at his trends below!  What do you notice?

Tim's notes along the way......

What trends about your weight do you notice during your fitness/personal training experiences?  Are there some days on your chart that show a higher weight than others?

More Surpising Reasons Why You're Gaining Weight

As a personal trainer in Chicago, I'm constantly looking for new ways to repackage the key components to weight loss (after all, we have different learning styles).  Recently, MSN effectively gave its readers a wakeup call with their article 11 Surprising Reasons You're Gaining Weight.  From drinks to sleep deprivation, they breakdown the major obstacles that are obstructing your goals with your Chicago personal trainer.  Take a read and see what's affecting your weight loss.

Please note that I agree with all of the weight gain factors in this article but should add the following notes:

-The title "Too Much Healthy Food" is deceiving.  Fully read the paragraph underneath this heading to understand what the author meant.

-"Weight Training":  Just as the article mentions, muscle weighs more than fat (which can hypothetically lead to weight gain).  Please keep in mind that this WILL NOT HAPPEN for most people (or the difference is slight).  Unless you're a bodybuilder, DO NOT expect to gain weight from strength training.

-"Undereating":  It's amazing that you can actually gain weight from undereating...but it's true.  If you create a deficit in the body, it will respond and do whatever it can to protect itself.  With this being said, there isn't a magic calorie number that works for everyone while they're losing weight.  It's important that you test your diet and find the caloric number that fits your metabolism.

Keep the article and my weight gain notes in mind and you'll achieve weight loss success during your personal training experience!

This New Food Scoring System Will Change the Way You Eat

Struggling to choose the healthiest foods while you personal train in Chicago?  Who can blame you?  Every package in the supermarket seems to make one ridiculous health claim after another.  Who can you trust during this period of weight loss?  

The Environmental Working Group has made it easier for you.  Recently featured in the NY Times Food Scores, a New Web Service, Ranks Grocery Items on Ingredients and Nutrition article, the group is shaking the ground on what's healthy and not.  

In a database of over 80,000 foods, they give you a single score (between 1 and 10) based on the nutrition, ingredients, and processing of the item.  This is perfect for the organic foodie or the weight loss novice looking to find the most nutritionally dense foods without pesticides, additives, and more!   

Check your grocery list on their site and see if you're helping or hurting your weight loss while meeting with a Chicago personal trainer.

Thoughts about Weight Loss from a Chicago Personal Trainer

My Chicago personal training clients always ask me about the secret to weight loss.  The funny thing is that the secret truly lies in their hands: It's what they reach for.  

No matter what any personal trainer in Chicago tells you fitness isn't the key to weight loss (and this is coming from a personal trainer).  Unlike NBC's Biggest Loser, it isn't realistic to schedule 3 hours of fitness a day.  Fitness will certainly help you burn SOME calories, it will not burn enough to counter your current caloric intake.  This doesn't even take into account the substance you eat which could be causing inflammation and affecting your metabolism.

There's no doubt about it.  The hand that feeds you determines whether or not you lose weight.

Are We Vulnerable to Fructose?

While losing weight, a vegetable based diet will certainly keep you closer to a path of weight loss.  What happens if you steer away from this path?  How likely are you to gain the weight back?

Research is showing that it may be more than the number of times you meet with your personal trainer in Chicago.  In the NY times article Vulnerability to Fructose Varies, Health Study Finds, people may have varying levels of vulnerability to fructose - a leading factor in weight gain and illnesses related to obesity.  A Harvard study has found a hormone that rises sharply and consistently based on fructose consumption.  This is not only important to consider for your weight loss goals, but also for any dietary goals while meeting with a Chicago personal trainer.