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Chicago Personal Trainer Will Launch Book to Help Readers ‘Redefine Themselves’ and Reach Health Goals

Chicago Personal Trainer Will Launch Book to Help Readers ‘Redefine Themselves’ and Reach Health Goals

To help individuals striving to find the happiness and success they desire, Michael Moody, Chicago personal trainer and weight loss guru, will launch his book - Redefine Yourself: The Simple Guide to Happiness - in February.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 17, 2015

Redefine Yourself exemplifies a new generation of health and fitness books that emphasizes the mental and emotional “you” when pursuing success. Not only does this book help the readers examine their lives, it provides them with the tools to handle any challenges within and beyond the gym. It is the “in-your-pocket” resource for daily change for any person wanting to transform his or her life.

“Redefine Yourself will help you overcome the obstacles that have plagued your life. You will incorporate new adaptive strategies that will not only change your life, but positively impact those people around you, as well,” said Moody. “You will truly redefine yourself and achieve the happiness you’ve always wanted. You might just achieve that long list of other wants too.”

During the transformation process, the main focus of physical and personal change isn’t just nutrition and exercise. It’s a targeted focus on awareness, acceptance, and adaptive strategies. As the readers integrate the Redefine Yourself approach into their lives, they will refine their perspectives and understand why they: 

  •     Do what they do.
  •     Can’t reach their goals.
  •     Find themselves in the same destructive position repeatedly.
  •     Want to be the best they can but they always tell themselves they can’t.
  •     Can’t reach their best physical, emotional, and mental self.
  •     Live an unhappy and unfulfilled life.

"Redefine Yourself is inspiring in its simple yet meaningful message, this book is an important reminder about the power of the mind. If we simply use our thoughts as tools in working for us rather than weapons against us, Michael shows us how we can truly learn to live out our best lives," said Dana Michelle Cook, Emmy Award winning producer of Girls on the Run.

Readers interested in taking the first step to redefine their lives can visit to find Michael’s book.

About the Author

Michael Moody is the former fitness expert on the Biggest Loser/MSN Chicago tour and the former personal trainer for PBS’s The Whitney Reynolds Show. His weight loss and life-structure programs have helped clients lose more than 2,500 pounds combined while running his successful personal training business, Michael Moody Fitness, since 2005.

Michael has presented over 100 hours on fitness, motivation, body image, and stress at universities, corporations, schools, and workshops. Michael has researched emotion and coping behaviors in university level studies, as well. For more information, including a video trailer for Redefine Yourself produced by Emmy Award winning producer Dana Michelle Cook, please visit the website