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Your New Years Resolutions

In 2015, I will be my best self.

I will reach new heights. 

I will make changes when necessary...not just on New Year's Day.

I will be positive everyday.

I will travel more.

I will make a difference in someone's life.

I will define my natural boundaries.

I will believe in myself. 

I will be bigger than the moment.

I will be aware of my surroundings.

I will control my impulses. 

i will manage my emotions. 

I will build my best physical self. 

I will love unconditionally. 

I will listen and seek understanding.

I will only judge people fairly and with an open mind. 

I will volunteer.

I will only judge myself fairly and with an open mind.

I will choose to live. 

I will make my life a great story.

I will be my best self.

The Secret to Quitting Smoking

When it comes to changing behavior while meeting with a personal trainer in Chicago, nothing seems to be tougher than quitting smoking.  John, one of my long-time personal training clients in Chicago and greatest friends-loved smoking.  For him, it was relief in an industry of drinking and constant movement.  Welcome to the life of a bartender and bar owner.  

Early in his career, John was surrounded by cigarettes every night.   The smell and sight were a satisfying sensory cloud to cool the angst spirit (sounds like a love story). 

Let’s break down the reality of cigarette smoking though: it yellows your teeth and fingers, makes your hair smell like an ashtray, and annoys non-smokers who hate smoke or who are simply sick of waiting for their friends to finish a cigarette.  You would think that this is enough to deter people from smoking and make them stop.  It doesn’t.

I can see why.  James Dean still looks pretty cool smoking in the 3 movies he starred in.  And we may have a secret affinity towards fire and smoke (I did stare at fire for over three hours while meditating in Guatemala after all).

What’s interesting is that many people in personal training programs are still locked in the habit despite ambitious health goals.  Nearly 20% of my personal training clients in Chicago smoke, many of whom don’t realize I know (I heard that you were smoking in the parking lot before our session…shame on you...I kid...shame on you...I kid…).  Meanwhile many confess like I’m the priest of health. 

Curiously, though, even with the renewed focus on health, they never kick the habit.  They’ll do everything in their power to give up everything else except for the one thing they need to.  I’ve seen one month, six month, and two year attempts and the eventual return to the one thing they want the most.

Ironically, though, cigarettes increase your blood pressure, decrease your lung capacity, and make you feel more stressed (especially as you seek another smoke).  Nothing satisfying there.  It’s a constant unfulfillment and an oxymoron.

John wanted to quit for his health, which is a common reason (not the ridiculously rising costs).  When we began training eight years ago, he tried to quit but to no avail.  Four scores and 700 cigarette packs later, he changed his mind (literally).  This time he believed that change was feasible.

It took confidence and constant reminders (self-talk) to overcome the want (the perceived need).  With medication and a concentration on being mindful, John revealed the key to change: “I wanted to quit.”

And he believed he could do it.  Even though it was tough, he kept telling himself that same message.

Have no doubt: Belief is the seed for change.  What you say to yourself repeatedly will be one of the keys while your personal train in Chicago.

New Control on Ozone Emissions Can Help Your Health

Being healthy is more than being mindful of the food we eat - it's considering the air we breath as well.  

And the president is about to release new environmental regulation to curb emissions of ozone.  A giant step to improve the health of your environment.

For over 20 years, pollution and "global warming/climate change" have been at the forefront of many campaign issues.  Whether or not you believe in global warming, plenty of studies have shown the harmful (and sometimes fatal effects) of reckless pollution habits of individuals and businesses.  While people have suffered through heart disease and asthma because of harmful chemicals in our air, some have even developed cancer (especially near power plants).

Yes, this will be a great cost to businesses to change their standards to meet the EPA rules, but you and your family's life may face the greater health consequences without this change.   

When considering a life change with your personal trainer in Chicago, think about more than fitness and nutrition.  Your environment plays just as an important role in your personal training experience (especially in a city like Chicago).  Read the NY Times recent article Obama to Introduce Sweeping New Controls on Ozone Emissions to learn more about this and continue to support additional environmental protection efforts.