Thoughts about Weight Loss from a Chicago Personal Trainer

My Chicago personal training clients always ask me about the secret to weight loss.  The funny thing is that the secret truly lies in their hands: It's what they reach for.  

No matter what any personal trainer in Chicago tells you fitness isn't the key to weight loss (and this is coming from a personal trainer).  Unlike NBC's Biggest Loser, it isn't realistic to schedule 3 hours of fitness a day.  Fitness will certainly help you burn SOME calories, it will not burn enough to counter your current caloric intake.  This doesn't even take into account the substance you eat which could be causing inflammation and affecting your metabolism.

There's no doubt about it.  The hand that feeds you determines whether or not you lose weight.

What are easy strategies for weight loss in Chicago?

While meeting with your Chicago personal trainer, there are a number strategies that you will employ in and outside of the fitness gym to lose weight.   While you may feel overwhelmed  with these new fitness and dietary strategies at first, they will collectively aid you in your path to a new you.

As a personal trainer in Chicago, I especially know the challenges for this change.  After all, the core of most functions and events include eating and drinking in the Midwestern culture.

The Dietary Guidelines offer several great suggestions for your initial step for weight loss:

- Choose smaller portion sizes (contributes to weight loss).

- People who eat at fast food or quick restaurants more than once per week are at high risk for weight gain and obesity.   Reduce your frequency.

 - Increase your intake of vegetables and fruit (especially high fiber choices) for a lower body weight.

- Decrease your intake of sugar-sweetened beverages. 

Adapt these easy weight loss strategies to heighten your personal training experience in Chicago today!

Personal Training Before Getting Pregnant

Looking for reasons to hire a personal trainer in Chicago before getting pregnant?  A recent NY Times article Overweight and Pregnant describes the risks of being obese while pregnant.  Some of the risks include gestational diabetes, hypertension and pre-eclampsia to miscarriage, and premature birth.  Read this article and change your lifestyle today!