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10 Sneaky Sources of Sugar to Avoid

I've helped personal training clients lose over 2500 lbs combined in nearly 10 years.  How did they lose their weight? Besides limiting alcohol, grains, processed foods, red meats, and dairy, my personal training clients have minimized the amount of sugar in their diets.  

It isn't as easy as it sounds, though.  Manufacturers have been sneaking more sugar in your favorite foods than you know.  Check out MSN's list of 10 Sneaky Sources of Sugar to Avoid!

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Introspection and Your Life

My buddy Craig recommended this article about introspection.  A good read while you're considering weight loss, hiring a personal trainer in Chicago, or making any life transformation.  
Introspection is a Superpower by The Daily Flux

Charting Your Weight Loss Success Part 2

Over the last 2 months, my personal training client, Tim, has been tracking his body weight and body fat loss.  I'm happy to report that Tim has lost 13.7 lbs between October 13th and December 9th!  In fact, he reported a new low on Thursday, December 11th: 189 lbs!  That's 15 lbs in 8 weeks....and well in our sustainable "1-2 lb per week" range.  

Take a look at his trends below!  What do you notice?

Tim's notes along the way......

What trends about your weight do you notice during your fitness/personal training experiences?  Are there some days on your chart that show a higher weight than others?

Charting Your Weight Loss Success

Knowing what you need to do to lose weight with a Chicago personal trainer is only part of the answer.  Tracking your progress is the other.

Below is a real example of weight loss accountability.  This personal training client, Tim, has lost nearly 8 lbs between 10/07/14 and 11/07/14.  Although this is right on pace, he was curious why he didn't lose more.  Take a look and see what trend you find.

Losing weight with a personal trainer in Chicago....and Excel!

Losing weight with a personal trainer in Chicago....and Excel!

Based on the data, my personal training client showed inconsistency in his numbers over the weekends (which Tim has noted as eating things he normally doesn't choose during the week).  Overall, though, Tim is on the right track and has been more consistent with his weight loss trend with this new weekend awareness.  

Tim's reasons for his recent weight loss success:

"Besides eating a vegetarian diet [this doesn't mean pasta time, folks] and cutting out alcohol, consistency and only focusing on what I want to put in my body (instead of what I don't want) are the reasons for my success"

Now it's your turn.

10 Healthy Food Items for Weight Loss

I'll have to admit something.  Before I opened the link to the MSN headline "10 Healthy Food Choices That Will Change Your Life", I unfairly pulled out the gloves and was ready to fight.  I automatically assumed that this sensational claim was just another marketing ploy to sell mehealthy twinkies (this does not exist by the way).

I was wrong.

Although the headline exaggerates just a tad, the list is respectable.  Hopefully it will change your life!  If not, though, maybe it can help you with your weight loss while you meet with a personal trainer in Chicago.  From seaweed snacks to maca powder, the author gives you plenty to chew on.  Each of these items are simple, cheap additions to your grocery list.  Read the full list and redesign your weight loss meals today!

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10 Healthy Food Items for Weight Loss
Losing weight with your personal trainer.