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This New Food Scoring System Will Change the Way You Eat

Struggling to choose the healthiest foods while you personal train in Chicago?  Who can blame you?  Every package in the supermarket seems to make one ridiculous health claim after another.  Who can you trust during this period of weight loss?  

The Environmental Working Group has made it easier for you.  Recently featured in the NY Times Food Scores, a New Web Service, Ranks Grocery Items on Ingredients and Nutrition article, the group is shaking the ground on what's healthy and not.  

In a database of over 80,000 foods, they give you a single score (between 1 and 10) based on the nutrition, ingredients, and processing of the item.  This is perfect for the organic foodie or the weight loss novice looking to find the most nutritionally dense foods without pesticides, additives, and more!   

Check your grocery list on their site and see if you're helping or hurting your weight loss while meeting with a Chicago personal trainer.

Are We Vulnerable to Fructose?

While losing weight, a vegetable based diet will certainly keep you closer to a path of weight loss.  What happens if you steer away from this path?  How likely are you to gain the weight back?

Research is showing that it may be more than the number of times you meet with your personal trainer in Chicago.  In the NY times article Vulnerability to Fructose Varies, Health Study Finds, people may have varying levels of vulnerability to fructose - a leading factor in weight gain and illnesses related to obesity.  A Harvard study has found a hormone that rises sharply and consistently based on fructose consumption.  This is not only important to consider for your weight loss goals, but also for any dietary goals while meeting with a Chicago personal trainer.

Can you avoid the Ebola virus while traveling?

With new cases popping up in the news, frequent travelers are worried about contracting Ebola.  My personal training clients in Chicago fly all over the world and are starting to worry as well.  As their Chicago personal trainer, I try to prepare their bodies for anything.  Although peak fitness is our goal, is it enough to prevent Ebola?  Check out this recent NY Times article and learn the facts about contracting the Ebola virus.  It may calm you and my personal training clients in Chicago.

Personal Training Focus: Are Spray-On Sunscreens Safe?

A recent NY Times blog post asked "Are Spray-On Sunscreens Safe?"......and the answer seems to be "undetermined".  As you seek the most optimal health while meeting with a personal trainer, you may want to rethink your use of sprays.  What are you inhaling as you spray and is it a detriment to your health?  Some studies have shown that some of the ingredients are possibly carcinogenic to humans.  

Although evidence isn't conclusive either direction, you should make a careful consideration when exposing your respiratory system to anything airborne.  If your goal is to achieve the best health, you don't want to ingest or inhale anything that the body would consider a toxin.  In most extreme cases, people have developed cancer.  This is a chance not worth taking.

Instead, use natural suntan lotions or limit your sun exposure.  Always remember that personal training is more than exercise-it's about your body's response to your environment too.  Begin examining the effect of the sprays you use in your life.

Try this Watermelon and Tomato Salsa Recipe While You Lose Weight!

My personal training clients are always looking for new weight loss recipes.  You can never go wrong by choosing ingredients that are fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds, and legumes.  Finding a tasty combination to keep you on your track to weight loss and looking fabulous is the tough part, though. 

I recommend googling the terms "fast recipes" and begin experimenting to see what you like.  Cooking is a science after all!  The NY Times recently posted a quick and delicious recipe for Watermelon and Tomato Salsa.  This is a great refreshing summer recipe that won't upset your personal trainer and will keep the waistline tight!