New Control on Ozone Emissions Can Help Your Health

Being healthy is more than being mindful of the food we eat - it's considering the air we breath as well.  

And the president is about to release new environmental regulation to curb emissions of ozone.  A giant step to improve the health of your environment.

For over 20 years, pollution and "global warming/climate change" have been at the forefront of many campaign issues.  Whether or not you believe in global warming, plenty of studies have shown the harmful (and sometimes fatal effects) of reckless pollution habits of individuals and businesses.  While people have suffered through heart disease and asthma because of harmful chemicals in our air, some have even developed cancer (especially near power plants).

Yes, this will be a great cost to businesses to change their standards to meet the EPA rules, but you and your family's life may face the greater health consequences without this change.   

When considering a life change with your personal trainer in Chicago, think about more than fitness and nutrition.  Your environment plays just as an important role in your personal training experience (especially in a city like Chicago).  Read the NY Times recent article Obama to Introduce Sweeping New Controls on Ozone Emissions to learn more about this and continue to support additional environmental protection efforts.