4 Ways You Are Undermining Your Health Efforts

Having trouble achieving your health and fitness goals? You may find the biggest obstacle within yourself….and here’s what it might be:

Using the phrases “I can’t”, “I won’t”, or “I don’t”.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: After 14 years of personal training and nearly 18000 hours of one-on-one sessions, I find that this factor determines one’s sustainable success more than any other (and it makes sense). Consider the language: The very nature of these phrases are negative and self-limiting. Is one truly open to the change that he needs to make or is he only willing to do something as long as it doesn’t compromise his wants? “I won’t cook.” “I can’t possibly make this change.” “I don’t workout.” Hard-line phrases that express unwillingness to determine and consider what one must really do to reach success. Even though the verbal resistance may sit at the tip of the tongue, the alternative phrases, “How can I make this work?” or “Let’s examine the possible solutions”, are positive options that might open new doors to one’s well-being.

Haven’t established a routine.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Long-term sustainable change relies on a foundation of routine and habit. While a quick fix to lose 30 lbs in 3 months is enticing, it will soon be part of a never-ending life cycle. Most fasts, pills, and detoxes serve an impulsive need and rarely establish the structure needed to maintain the weight loss. The strongest habit has been reinforced daily for a 30-day stretch. It has become part of a new normal operating on autopilot at times. The further the habit is from a day-to-day routine the longer it needs reinforcement (45-60 days). Lack of this focus will most certainly lead to short-term change and a return to the prior normal that led to poor health.

Lack of distinction between “wants” and “needs”.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Unfortunately, the grammar school curriculum lacks the necessary lessons on the physical, mental, and emotional selves. Children (and adults) are left to haphazard self-discovery and assessment as well as, often, misguided mentors. Essentially, students are never taught how to recognize their true needs and are left to figure it out on their own over a lifetime. With the barrage of mix messages, seeking optimal personal health is a confusing and frustrating journey. All of this might change, though, with the simple question “Why do I feel this way?” It is the first step of awareness - An examination of the underlying influence on behavior and its physical manifestation. With guided investigation and testing, true needs can be identified while no longer depending on haphazard guesses related to wants.

Unwilling to accept what needs to be changed and the necessary steps to change it.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Although awareness is an important first step in change, acceptance is necessary before adaptation takes place. Is one willing to accept a current state of being (healthy or not, it is what it is) and the needed approach to redefine health? Surprisingly, acceptance is the roadblock for most. Without accepting a current state and the necessary path, doubt, frustration, and insecurities will unravel the new efforts It may emotionally steer the adaptive process in the wrong direction and stunt it as a whole.

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Author: Michael Moody Fitness
4 Ways You Are Undermining Your Health Efforts
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